The story about a death


7. Im sorry zack :'(



Look  dude i dont like her she is ugly as hell! " i said " BULL SHIT I SAW YOU! " "Zack please beilive me...i dont like her... "

"Ok fine -_- " Zack said.His phone went off and i saw it was Alyssa that picture of her was so beautiful just like her smile oh...i wish i could be Zack.We remaind silent " Hey man im sorry about ealier wanna come out with me and Alyssa?!? ". My face lite up when he said Alyssa's gonna be hard on me. OH WELL! " SURE! :D " Then we ran to Zacks car and got in. Zack loved Alyssa so much...what am i doing? Im gonna tell her my feeling's to her i forgot and i promised myself the next time i saw her SHIT! I always fuck things up! Ugh oh well i will in private but she probably is gonna freak.Me and Zack turned up the music and PATEHED! AWWW YEA! :D. Lol it was fun but i just now realized i dont want to hurt my best buddies feelings and hit on Alyssa that could ruin me and Zacks friendship i guess im gonna have to wait till tomarrow or maybe not i dont know yet.

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