The story about a death


2. At the malls


When we got to Olympia we went to Jc Pennys " Ok girls go ahead and go run around but check in ok? " said my mom " Ok moomoos "i said and me and alexus giggle.The first thing we did was go up the elavator and ran around upstairs we saw 1D barbies and Alexus got mad because there was no niall one lol.After that we kept going up and down the elavator it was quiet fun lol we saw a perch on the side ' Thats our home " i said " SO BEAUTIFUL! " said Alexus " we could sleep up there it would be like sweet harmony ". She laughed and so did i. When we got to the bottom we would see some people giving us dirty looks like we were doing something wrong.So we started to say hai or hey to the people that went up.After Jc pennys we went to a thriftshop and we went to run around again.When we looked at the pillows we climbed in and let people pass they didnt see is but we saw them. Goshpeople must have had  badmoods cause they got angry when we climbed out and then we ran to the chairs and sat for a little.After that we went to red robbins to eat me and Alexus had strawberry lemonade it was really good she had chicken fingers and i had pizza with cheese nothing else and then when we left we were all hyper so we ran to the car and then my brother said " Ugh stupid black people and there music " He wasnt racist or anything he justdidnt like them. Whenwe got back home we dropped alexus off and i asked "Can i stay at Alexus's house for an hour? " "Sure " said my mom " But please be careful ok? :) " "Ok mom bye :D ".

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