You're My Strength

When life became hard, Rebecca Gale wanted to give up. But her friends gave her strength to move on. But will their support be enough for Rebecca? Or will she just give up in the end?


2. Hospital


“Help!” My little sister cried. I tried to move but I can’t. Instead I was forced to watch her cry in pain as the fire devoured her alive.

“Becca! Help me!” She cried as her skin started to stick to her bones. I wanted to help, but I couldn’t. I tried to look away, but I couldn’t.

And just like that, my little sister died. I watched her die with both my eyes and I just stood there.

I started to walk but I don’t know where to. It’s like my legs have a mind of their own and they’re moving against my will.

“Help!” I heard a blood-curling yell from my parents’ room.

Their cries became louder and louder as I walked to God knows where.

I then found myself in front of the master’s bedroom's door. 

My hands turned the door knob and what I saw will forever be etched in my mind.

“Becca!” My mum cried as her limbs started to part from her body. 

My eyes locked with her sad ones and I got lost in them. I got lost in my mum’s dying eyes. I turned away as salty tears fell from my eyes.

I searched for my dad but all I found was his burnt body, black and lifeless.

“This is all your fault. All your fault, Becca!” My mum screamed as her life was taken away.

And I couldn’t help but think…

It is my fault all along.

I woke up with a jolt. My heart was beating fast and I was panting like a mad dog.

“Where am I?” I asked no one in particular, trying to catch my breath. 

I looked around and all I saw were white and dull walls, two couches, a white small cabinet in the corner, and a big window covered by a sad and blue curtain.

I was sitting on a very uncomfortable bed with a useless blanket draped over me. 

I looked at my arm and saw that it was bandaged, with red marks over it. 

And that’s when I remembered why I was here.

I remember the cutting, being unconscious, and being brought here.

I started to cry silently. I knew it. I was right all along. It was all MY fault. 

If I was there, I could’ve saved them. If I was there, I could’ve been there for my family.

“Becca!” A male voice cheered from the doorway. It was too loud for my liking so I winced.

I smiled at him, my voice too hoarse to speak.

“Oh right.” He said shyly and got a bottle of water and helped me drink. When I was done, he put it back on the bedside table and grabbed a chair and sat beside my bed.

He held my hand and squeezed it tight. “Don’t ever scare me like that, Becca.” He said as he stroked my cheek. I rested my head on his hand and let my tears fall.

“It's my fault, Harry.” I said as I opened my eyes. He was staring at me intently and shook his head.

“It’s not Becca. Not everything’s your fault. Don’t blame yourself for everything bad that happens.” He told me as kissed my hand. A big lump was caught in my throat and I couldn’t speak.

Harry was right. All I did was blame myself for everything. I blamed myself for my family’s death. I don’t know why, though. “You’re right.” I said as he let go.

“But even though it’s been a month, raw memories haunt me every night, every day, every second. I couldn’t avoid it. It’s chasing me, Harry. That’s why I became this. They follow me everywhere.” I cried. 

Harry held both my hands and rubbed his thumbs over them. “I’ll help you through this, baby girl. Don’t worry. After this, we’ll go on vacation. You don’t need to worry about anything.”

When Harry said those few words, my heart melted.

“You don’t have to do that.” I told him as I played with his curls. “But I will. I want to save you Becca…” He began.

“I can’t be no Superman, but for you I’ll be Superhuman.” He sang as I got lost in his beautiful emerald-green eyes.



Not my best chapter. But I hope you like it still. :)

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