They all warned me about him but no one could see what I had discovered. No one gave him a chance.


2. Chapter Two.

Tegan trailed her fork through the slush or her plate as she quietly cleared her throat.

"He... Uh.." Her attention got caught across the room, and my eyes shortly followed after, focusing on Harry who was already holding a dark stare with Tegan.

"Are you sure you want to know?"  

She whispered, drawing our attention back to us.


"Okay." She quietly huffed, quickly peering over her shoulder one last time. "How about you come over after school and I'll show you."  


Leaving Tegan's house, I hugged my arms as the wind bit at my revealed skin. I started walking home since I knew mum would be asleep by now. Our house was only two blocks away, yet still a bit to far for my liking.

Creeping around the corner, I fumbled through the pockets of my jeans for my keys. I held the keys loosly in my grasp before they fell from my fingers. I quickly bent down to retrieve them and looked up slightly to see a boy standing across the road from me. Even in the dark I could see him smirk at me with piercing green eyes. My spine shivered under his dark stare.

I quickly looked down, picking up the keys before focusing my eyes back up only to find the boy was no longer there. I spun around looking everywhere, but the only thing I could see was empty streets.

I quickly hurried to my door, fumbling my key in the lock before running in and safely locking it behind me. I clicked on all the lights that crossed me as I made my way down the hall to the bathroom.

Hopping in the tub like shower I just stood there, letting the burning water slide through my hair and down my back. My mind was completely focused on the dangerous boy outside I had been informed about.  

Feeling the comfort of the water I started washing my hair as if massaging shampoo into my scalp would make the memory of him go away. Rinsing the shampoo out of my hair, I stepped out of the tub wrapping my favourite blue towel around my hips before walking over to my room to get dressed.

After throwing on an old t-shirt, I hopped into my bed, pulling the comfort of the duvet over my body and slinking it around my neck. My mind was racing at the thought of Harry. How could someone so beautiful be so dangerous. My eyelids struggled to stay open before they slowly fluttered closed, my head rolling to the left as I drifted off into a deep slumber, before a large bang jolted me awake.

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