They all warned me about him but no one could see what I had discovered. No one gave him a chance.


3. Chapter Three.

I sleepily jumped out of bed, dragging my feet down the brightly lit hall way to the front door. Completely oblivious to the moment before. I slowly unlocked it, softly pulling it open following the usual routine of letting the cat in every morning at six. I looked to the floor, slowling, expecting to see him run inside, but nothing happened. I opened the door wider as I begun to call him. Still nothing. 

I peered my head around the door, and to my amazement it was still pitch black, apart from the porch light and a small distant light that seemed to get bigger and bigger. 

"What the.." I whispered, narrowing my eyes as I stepped out side. A loud ear-piercing crack of thunder struck, sending me jump and forget aout the light for a moment. 

"God, I hate thunder!" I complained, rubbing my arms as goosebumbs started to cast over my body. Not just from the thunder, but at the breeze of cold air passing through. 

I raised my eyebrows as I noticed the light had disapered. 

"I can make you forget about it." A raspy voice said, as the door slammed behind me. 

"I can make you love it." It growled to me, a forehead forcibly pressing to mine, as his face was being revealed under the light. 

"Do you trust me?" I nodded slightly in anticipation, as I felt his hand brush against the side of my cheek. 

"You shouldn't." He smirked. 

He pulled his hand away as he leaned back, his facial features piercing at me, stern and cold as he shook his head, lose curls fumbling over his forehead as he smiled widely. He looked up, emerald eyes glistening under the light making contact with mine before he turned around and faded into the black light of the night sky. His intoxicating scent hitting me, leaving a small reminder of his presence.

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