They all warned me about him but no one could see what I had discovered. No one gave him a chance.


1. Chapter One.

Darting my eyes down at the sheet of paper gripped by my trembling hands, i continued to walk down the empty school corridor. My heart was thumping loudly through my chest, my knees struggling to carry my weight. Placing my right hand on my over reacting chest, large foot steps started to echo through out the airy hall, as nervousness over took my entirety. The air became colder and heavier making it harder to breath leaving my breath more hitched with every step. 

Glancing up, a pair of dark green eyes met my gaze sending cold shivers to travel down my spine. My eyes were glued to his, causing tiny skin colored dots to engulf my body.

His eyes drifted down and I started to rub my arms in attempt to rid my self of the tiny dots, feeling as if my legs were about to give up underneath me. His face was content through our encounter as his eyes drifted down my figure before fixing back to the ground in front of him as we passed each other.

The air returned to normal with the exception of his loomy scent which slid it's way in with every breath I took as I made my way into the open door that'd he'd just left. His scent still lingered, keeping the dots content on my body. 

My eyes peered around the room breathing in the unfamiliar surroundings before fixing on the pale faced man seated behind the desk, his hand consealing his eyes. I hesitantly tapped my fist against the old oak colored door, alerting him of my presence.

"Styles I thought I told you I-.." He huffed, dragging his hands down his cheeks stopping mid sentence. He looked rather relieved to see me as a smile began to tug at his lips.

"H-hi, im Max." I nearly whispered; hesitatingly dawdling towards the large desk, placing down the sheet of paper.

"Oh, yes yes! Take a seat, take a seat!" He jestered clustering his words, colour slowly flushing back to his ghost like face. Gently shifting his glasses, he started trailing his index finger above the note, furrowing his eyebrows in complete concentration.

The note consisted of our abrubt move to Cheshire no more than two days ago; after fleeing our home in Paris leaving behind everything we owned and the fourteen painful years of abuse my dad had put us through.

He peered up from the note with comforting eyes, removing his glasses and placing them back in the case. He stood up and walked out the door signaling me to follow him. I followed him down the airy hall, still caressed with the boys polluted scent. The man stopped outside a door with the numbers 'C72' written above it, anxiously raising his fist to knock. He glanced at me as worry filled his features before turning away as the door abruptly swung open. A tall blonde woman who looked to be in her early thirties, stepped into the hall, gently pulling the door shut behind her. They both shared an odd look as the blonde haired woman started to run her forehead up and down before slowly casting her eyes over to me.  

"Is this Max?" She questioned, pushing her shoulder lenght hair behind her ears, tossing me a friendly smile.

"Uh, yes, yes it is."

"Lovely to meet you. I'm Miss Foster."


After my story had been explained, Miss Foster slowly opened the door signalling someone over.

"Max, this is Tegan she'll show you around before I intoduce you to the class."

I shot her a short nod as we wondered off to begin the tour. Firstly she lead me to the staircase, naming every door to cross our path. We began climbing the stairs when an oddly familiar sound was broadcasted around us. I carefully backed down a few steps, clasping my hands around the railing, letting a slight gasp slip through my lips as I layed eyes on the curly haired boy who had caused the back chilling moment earlier.

"W-who's that?"

"That's Harry, trust me, you don't want to get caught up with someone like him." She warned, gripping my arm to continue up the stairs. "You'll just end up in one of his stupid fights and hospital, or worse."


About fifteen minutes had passed before I was fully introduced to the entire school ground, and was now been invited through the door by Miss Foster, whilst she cleared her throat in order to win over the classrooms attention. The class fell silent. I stared down at the floor, digging in my heals as my heart started thumping harder against the walls of my chest.

"Everyone, This is Max."

As she indroduced me, I felt uneasy, slowly tilting my head upwards, discovering the cold green stare of the curly haired boy i'd been asking about. He pulled his stare down to his desk as he greeted me with the rest of the class. He was completely captivating.

My mind kept replaying her words over and over again leaving me petrified.  

"That's Harry. Trust me, you don't want to get caught up with someone like him. You'll just end up in one of his stupid fights and hospital, or worse."


I collected the mystery slush from the cafeteria and made my way over to the nearly empty table placed in the corner of the room. I pulled out a chair and slumped down next to Tegan, placing the tray down infront of me.

"W-what do you mean fights?"


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