They all warned me about him but no one could see what I had discovered. No one gave him a chance.


4. Chapter Four.

I lay myself down, closing my eyes but the only thing I could think about was Harry. I tried sleeping for at least an hour before throwing on a coat and shoes heading back down the hall. I stood in the back yard, lighting a cigarette, taking a puff and letting it out. I never smoked, ever, but since moving here and the stress of dad, I tried it and it helped to try and take my mind off of things.

I froze dropping it to the ground and I heard a raspy voice in front of me.

"You shouldn't smoke. It's not very good for you."

Harry stood in front of me, the light revealing him again as he continued to walk towards me, leaving shoes prints in the grass. He stood in front of me, bending down and picking up the cigarette before taking a puff.


"It's not unhealthy for me."

He dropped it, putting it out with his foot whilst smiling, revealing his glowing dimples under the porch light.

"W-why.. did you come b-back?"

"To see you."

He gripped my waist in his hand, drawing me in, his face holding no emotion as he gripped me with his other hand, slightly higher on the other side, lifting up the hem of my top slightly revealing the skin of my stomach. His touch was so cold. After being frozen for a small length of time, without regestering, I kneeled him in the shin slightly moving back. He chuckled as he looked at the ground, gripping my wrists and engulfing them in one of his enormous hands.

"I wouldn't try that again." He whispered seductively, breathing heavily on the side of my neck. It was like everytime breathed out, a gust of wind nipped at my neck, pulling me into shock.


"Please?" He hushly laughed, grazing his teeth across my bare skin, his scent releasing its self into my airway.

I gasped as a sharp painful elation filled my being. I felt instantly light headed, my legs giving up on me as he caught me and held me up. My eyes fluttered shut, a surge of exhaustion quickly took effect. The pain got released not long after he pulled away. I opened my eyes finding myself still under his restrainted grip. He soothingly blew over the spot making my spine shiver. He slowly ran his tounge over it, the pain disappearing for a split second. He put me down, casting his eyes over me.

"Beautiful." He whispered, then he was gone within not even a second.

I quickly ran back, stumbling on to the door causing it to fling open and throw me the the ground. My trembling fingers touched the raw spot before I took a look at them in the light. Blood was dripping of off them onto the kitchen tiles.

I pushed my self up running into the already lit bathroom. I threw off my coat that was drenched in blood, aiming it towards the hamper. I tilted my head to the side, grabbing the hand towel hanging on the wall beside me. I started to hyperventilate as I found the source of the blood. He had marked me.

After I cleaned up, I rushed to my room locking all the windows and double checking the doors on my way. As I lay down my head was spinning. I couldn't explain what happened tonight. I had yet had it etched in to my memory, and I hope I never will. His scent was warm, yet his touch and self seemed so cold. They were right he was something bad. But the worst part was how warm he made me feel, despite the lack of heat he held in his system.


As I walked to school, I tightened the scarf around my neck wincing as it brushed up against the raw skin. I didn't want to admit it to my self, but Harry bit me.

I slowly stopped walking as I felt something hit my back. I turned and looked behind me, but there was nothing there. Just an empty foot path. Great now I'm getting paranoid. I turned my head back, and was about to continue walking when I felt it again, but from the other side this time. I lost all patience, hoping to reveal the little snot nosed brat who had been tormenting me looking for a laugh, but just like before. There was nothing.

I brushed my hair off my face and over the top of my head as I thought of what to do, until something hit my back again. In a desperate plea to find the cause of all this I turned around and there was still nothing. Before I turned around I quietly whispered in the wind, before running home.

"Leave me alone."

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