One direction imagines!

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3. Marissa and Liam

Marissa's POV

Liam babe who are you texting? "No one!" Liam has been a lot on his phone lately and its not just because he is writing to the boys I'm pretty sure something is going on. Liam got up and went to the bathroom and TOOK HIS PHONE! Babe leave your phone here i told him he put his phone down and ran off to the loo. I know i shouldn't have but i grabbed his phone and started reading all his texts and guess what he had been sending flirty texts to some girl called Jade! I couldn't believe it I thought Liam would never do anything like that! As soon as he walked out of the bathroom he was going to get it!

When Liam came out of the bathroom......

Liam how could you!!!!! "What?" Don't you what me you know JADE! "How do you know?" I went through your phone but that shouldnt be a problem its definetely not as bad as getting cheated on is it? Liam just stood there. So who is this girl Jade how long have you been texting her for? "I am not cheating on you with Jade!" Yeah well explain these flirty texts like: Babe your really hot meet me at the party tonight! You never write text like that to your actual girlfriend do you? You also never tell me that your going to a party with some girl you say you need to work in the studio but your a big fat liar! "Look I....." Get out of my house I yelled as loud as I could. "But..I love you" You love me enough to cheat on me with some girl! I can't believe you Liam I can never forgive you for this! I ran into my room and cried and cried this exactly what my other ex boyfriend did to me and when I finally build the trust with liam he breaks my heart like every other guy!

3 months later

I heard a knock at my door I was still depressed hadn't had a date for 3 months now! Who is it I yelled. "Liam" Look liam i dont want anything to do with you so just leave! "Look ive come to cleaar things up! Just let me explain and if you dont want me back i understand but please give me a chance!" Fine! " Jade is a very attractive girl but not as attractive as you anyway i was at a party one night and i was drunk and i er.. kissed her anyway i gave her my umber and she kept sending me flirty texts so i decided i would keep seeing her and sending flirty texts back and then the week after we had a big fight I was going to tell her about you and tell her that i cant be withh her" So instead of making your girlfriend happy you decide to make this Jade girl happy and me find out! You are the worst boyfriend ever! "I know but please give me one chance!" He leaned in and kissed me for 30 seconds. I decided that this was his final chance so I told him that i would except his apology this time but this is the final time and if he ever did anything like that again i would kick him out straight away and put signs up around the neighbourhood about how he cheated on me the second time and to never trust Liam payne! He agreed and we were boyfriend and girlfriend again.

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