One direction imagines!

Leave in the comment section your name, the boy you want me to write about, if u want the storyline and what you look like. Sorry I don't do dirty


2. Daniella and Harry

Daniella's pov

Just got a text from harry: Hi Daniella see u in 10 the boys will be at the party (: From best friend Hazza! I responded: KK cool! I can't wait to see harry he doesn't know that I like him not like as a friend like like if u know what I mean! But he doesn't know and I don't know if he feels the same way. 

At the party

A few people asked us if we wanted to play truth or dare we all agreed and started playing. Niall was first and he chose truth he got  asked 'who is the hottest girl at this party?' 'Daniella' Wow i was shocked i never knew Niall thought i was hot! Next it was harry's turn and he picked dare someone dared him to have seven minutes in heaven with me! Just as we were about to go into the small room Niall whispered something in Harry's ear but I'm not sure what.

In the room for seven minutes in heaven

"Daniella, this is hard to say but i really like you not like as a friend like relationship like." I couldnt believe what harry had just said so I quickly blurted out to him i really like you too! he leaned forward and he kissed me a long passionate kiss. When all of a sudden Niall walked in and said " Time is.....! What the heck are you doing Harry!?"

Harry's pov

When Niall whispered to me earlier he told me not to make a move on Daniella but when I found out she liked me back I just couldn't help myself she is so beautiful and I know Niall has feelings for her but I wasn't thinking, but definetely don't regret it. "Niall mate she likes me and i like her.." "So you just kiss her!" "No it wasn't like that!" "Really harry i think it was!" Poor Daniella she just has to sit and watch us fight! "Look Niall im sorry ok I really am!" "Fine apology accepted this time but with any other girl i like you keep your hands off her" "Yep I will because Daniella is all I need!"

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