Dark. (Larry Stylinson.)

Louis was so innocent, and Harry wasn't.

They met outside a bathroom.

Louis didn't know what he got himself into, but it wasn't much of a choice he made, it was one made for him.

Every word;

Every touch;

He realized he wasn't safe.

There was no way out, he merely had to live with it.

Soon he realized;

He had fallen in love with the dark;

He wanted to be with him;

In is new world with new enemies and new friends.


2. Chapter Two.

My friends were practically interrogating me about what had happened with Harry. I was still a little shook up about the whole thing and I didn't really know what to make of it; so I didn't answer them until something Eleanor said really got on my nerves. 

"Lou, Stay away from him." Eleanor warned. 

"I'm not stupid, I know I should stay away." I snapped. After that, the topic of Harry Styles wasn't raised again.

I climbed out of the taxi after paying my part of the fare; my friends returned my wave as I walked up to the front door of my house. 

Once inside, I headed to straight to bed; muttering a quick "Good night" to mum before disappearing into my room. 

I reached in my back pocket, looking down at my phone as I flicked through my contacts.  As I scrolled I discovered Harry's name dotted with an 'x'. I stared a little longer contemplating whether or not to delete his number. I decided not to; It's always better to  know if a potentially dangerous guy was calling.

Tossing my phone on my bed, I quickly stripped off; tossing my clothes in the washing basket before wandering over to the chest of drawers. I swiftly pulled a white t-shirt over my head, as I sleepily hopped over to the bathroom whilst yanking up my grey sweatpants. I sluggishly flicked on the light, obtaining my toothbrush from the holder; and squirting toothpaste onto the bristles. I huffed as I opened my mouth; leaning my body against the basin as I started to clean as I tilted my head back in exhaustion. I tilted my head forward to spit, when my tooth brush fell from my parted lips; clattering into the sink beneath me. I was taken back as I caught sight of the tender patch of skin; a deep red, holding hints of purple. I ghosted the tips of my fingers over it; wincing slightly as they made contact. He'd marked me. His words echoed throughout my mind, "Your mine now." I shuddered, trying to shake of the feeling of his lips against my skin and how his tongue soothingly glided over the graze. I quickly withdrew contact, picking up my toothbrush and continued to clean my teeth, in hopes of ridding the thoughts of Harry. 

As I finished; I flicked of the lights before sinking into the covers on my bed. I rolled my head slowly to the side; noticing my phone was lit up with a new message. I picked it up; my heart racing violently as I held it in front of my face, my eyes squeezed closed as I wished for it to be anyone but Harry. I forced my eyes open, cursing my bad luck as Harry's name stared back at me. 

"Thanks for the show, Love. Should probably close your curtains before stripping off. x" 

I threw my phone back on to my bed, jolting up and over to the window. I grabbed a hold of the curtains as I peered out; my eyes focusing on a large black vehicle park on the opposite side of the road. I caught sight of harry, leaning up against the car, his arms folded in front of his chest. Fear started to consume my entirety; even in the dark I could see the arrogant smirk plastered across his face. I slammed the curtains shut; sliding my body down the wall until I hit the floor. 

I tried to convince myself that it wasn't that bad, but I couldn't fool myself. 

"What have I got myself into." 




"Lou, wake up! Your friends here!" 

I counted to ten in my head; mentally preparing myself to start the day.  I stood up with a sigh, running my hands through my hair as an attempt to make myself look slightly presentable. 

Lottie shouted again; this time louder for me to come down; making my head throb from the ammount of alcohol I consumed last night. 

"Morning, Lou! In here!" 

Mum called out from the kitchen as she heard me creek down the stairs. Making my way down the hall I glanced at the mirror hanging on the wall; my breath hitching as I caugth sigth of the horrible reminder marked on my neck. I cursed, covering it with my hand as I pushed the kitchen door open. 

"Morning, M-" 

I stopped dead in my tracks as I saw a smirking boy with curly brown hair, sat up at the counter with the twins. This can't be happening. With my Mum’s back to him and the twins caught up in their own activity; Harry was free to trail his green eyes up and down my body. I felt self-conscious, his gaze then falling on my face. I wanted to leave the room, but just like the previous night, shock seemed to have disconnected my body from my mind; the only thing I was able to do was stare back at him. 

 “Oh Lou, your lovely friend stood outside so I invited him in.” 

A grin spread across his face; his dimples becoming deep and prominent.

"Sleep well?" He asked, a mocking tone to his voice. 

"I-i uh-Mum, can I speak to you for a second?” I asked through gritted teeth as Harry flashed me a wink. 

I didn't give her a chance to reply; tugging her into the hall. Flashing my eyes to the twins as I pulled her further away from the kitchen. Once sure he wouldn’t be able to hear I started to talk. 

“Why did you invite him in?” I whispered angrily. 

“He said he was a friend of yours, he’s very lovely.” She gushed; trying to pry free of my hold around her arms. 

"So you let him in? Mum he could be a Murderer!" I scolded. 

"Oh, of course not. He's adorable and your sisters love him." I rolled my eyes at her as she chuckled. I'm sure he used his "charm" on her. My fingers rubbed against my temples as I tried to get my head round the situation. I didn’t know who I was angrier at and what disturbed me more. Harry for turning up uninvited or my Mum for letting him in. 

“Don't be silly. Come on, I made breakfast.” 

She took me by the arm; pulling me back into the kitchen where Harry was still sat. He grinned as I walked over to him, sitting on the stool next to his; seeing as it was the only one left and I doubt Mum would let me sit on the floor. A gasp fell from my lips as Harry’s warm hand ran up my thigh. I smacked it away, only for him to laugh quietly.  I had a horrible feeling he enjoyed it; even more when I fought back. My Mum had her back turned to us; concentrating on showing the girls how to cook amd on not burning the mixture in the pan. 

“Mmmm.” Harry hummed softly as he started to lean into me. I placed my hand on her shoulder pushing him away before he could get to close. 

“Why are you here?” I whispered sharply.

“To see you.” He smiled. 

I withdrew my touch from his warm body. I didn't like the way his eyes held contact with mine. There had to be another reason why he had appeared, uninvited. 

"How did you find my house?" 

"Does it matter, Lou?" He smirked. 

"Yes, it does!" I hissed, cringing at the nickname; trying to ignore the way Harry's eyes peered at me. They held a certain look that I really didn't want to identify. It was simply disgusting; I wanted nothing more than to slap him across the face.

Harry shrugged his shoulders, the annoying smirk never leaving his feautures. My head dropped down, no longer being able to look at him. I jumped slightly as I felt his hand cup my chin and tilt it up to look at him again. 

“I want to hang out with you tomorrow night.” He spoke. 

I shivered at his words, a statement rather than a question. My eyes widened as my Mum turned round with a smile on her face. 


"Come on, Lou. Don't be rude." Mum cut in; sounding a little dissapointed that I hadn't agreed straight away. 

Harry dropped his hand from my face to have it rest high up my thigh under the counter. I was about to object again when my mother cut in again. 

"Sounds like a plan." 

“Why didn’t you just call me, why come here?” I asked frustratedly, raising my voice; my sisters peering over their shoulders. 

“Because you would have said no.” He whispered quietly.

“What makes you think I won’t now?” I asked harshly.

Harry's eyes flicked over to my mother and sisters, they looked a little upset that I hadn't said yes yet. I wasn't the best at making friends and going out to parties, I could tell how happy she was that I was getting invited out, and how Harry turned up on our doorstep. For my sisters it was like a dream come true; to have a guy they probably found attractive to be my friend. But for me; this was my worst nightmare. Not only had he given me a horrendous love bite, against my will, but he had also seen me in my underwear, all in the space of a couple of hours; and he's a guy.  And more to the point he scared the crap out of me; and only having one disgusting objective. Before I knew what was happening, my Mum and Harry had arranged a time for him to pick me up the next evening. My mouth hung open as Harry smirked at me. 

“Well, I’ve got to be off. Thanks for the pancakes Louis's Mum." 

"Jay, Call me Jay." 

He smiled at her before stepping down from the stool. I sat frozen as he walked past; squeezing my bum on his way to the kitchen door. 

“Lou, walk him out.” My Mum told me quietly. 

I huffed, jumping down with  Fizzie ushering me out after him. I peered over my shoulder, the kitchen door swinging closed, I was alone in the hallway with Harry. He didn't waste anytime, and before I even knew how, I was pressed up against the wall; my wrists trapped tightly above my head in one of his large hands. My eyes squeezed closed with a wince; and I was unable to move, not even to try and get Harry to release one of my wrists. I saw him smirk as I was finally able to try and increase the distance between us, but he was too strong for me. His tall figure towered over me. 

"Stop." I begged, my voice coming out in a pathetic whisper. 

Harry completely ignored my protest, his finger tips slowly brushing over my lips. His eyes lost contact with mine as he stared at the mark he'd inflicted on my skin, the ends of his lips curling up into a smile. 

"Suits you." He whispered into my ear. 

I flinched as he lightly pressed his lips to the love bite. I couldn't help the whimper that escaped my lips; even though he was being careful not to press too hard; I didn't really enjoy being kissed randomly by guys.

"You smell good." He breathily spoke.

My knees were starting giving up on me as Harry painfully started grinding his hips against mine. My head fell forward onto his shoulder, I felt like my legs would give way any second. His chest rose and fell quickly as his breathing increased. I was actually slightly glad my wrists were pinned above head, as I surely would've fallen to the ground. Harry let out a groan; and I began to regain strength. I relaxed a little when he pulled away, hoping that would be the end of the torture and he would leave. But unfortunately that wasn't the case. Harry remained close, his curly hair tickling my cheek as he planted another kiss to the spot where my jaw met my neck. 

Before I knew it, Harry had released me. I turned my head to see him standing in the doorway of the front door. 

“See you tomorrow night, Lou." He winked at me, then he was gone. My head started to spin as I slumped down the wall onto the floor trying to collect myself. 


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