Dark. (Larry Stylinson.)

Louis was so innocent, and Harry wasn't.

They met outside a bathroom.

Louis didn't know what he got himself into, but it wasn't much of a choice he made, it was one made for him.

Every word;

Every touch;

He realized he wasn't safe.

There was no way out, he merely had to live with it.

Soon he realized;

He had fallen in love with the dark;

He wanted to be with him;

In is new world with new enemies and new friends.


1. Chapter One.

The flickering street lights, the cold breeze biting at my exposed skin as I walked further away from the thumping music.

I hear faint footsteps behind me, but I'm sure it's just the alcohol playing with my head and I carry on away from the party.

I keep hearing the footsteps getting closer and louder. I turn around to see nothing behind me. I start to feel my pulse thumping against my ears. My heart starting to race as I try to think about the party to keep my mind off the faint footsteps I keep hearing.

The footsteps get closer, louder with every step I take. I noticed the distant laughs of my friends and girlfriend who I'd arranged to meet at the front by the toilets.

They came into sight, greeting me coldly with a wave, their vision fixing on something over my shoulder. I spun around and noticed a rather tall boy with dark curly hair following after me, his face holding a harsh look of uncertainty. I didn't recognize him at first, until a video that had gone around floated into mind. This boy had beaten someone senseless to the ground, no wonder they came off cold. I spun back around, my small group of friends no longer stood in front of me.

I feel the intimidating height of a male shadow over me as I stand frozen underneath him. My eyes trailing up his body, admiring the adorning clothes that clung to his figure, refraining from the dark focus I know he has trained to my face. I clutched my phone in the palm of my hand tighter as his hand reached up for my face, eyes fluttering closed as cold fingers pushed my chin up slightly. I dauntlessly opened my eyes aghast to see a pair of sparkling olive eyes peering down at me.

"Hello." He spoke in a raspy whisper.

I feel a hand being placed on my lower back, forcing me closer to his body. I jolted my hand up to stop myself. His pink lips pulling into a smirk as the distance between us vanished. I gasped as I feel his hips meeting mine, causing his chest to pulsate with a deep chuckle, enjoying my reluctance towards him. He pulled my hand to his head, encouraging me to take hold of his curls, but I refused. I'd never experienced anything like this before, his actions taking me completely by surprise as his face traveled down my cheek. I feel his lips graze against my ear, hot air radiating off of his mouth as he spoke again.

"What's your name?"

"L-Louis." I stuttered; a gesture not going unnoticed as a smirk was pressed up against my skin.

"I'm Harry." He hotly whispered.

I stood in shock, Harry using it to his advantage as he wriggled my phone free from my tight grip before withdrawing.

"I like you." He spoke seductively, his British accent sounding thicker than before.

I watched silently as he typed in his number, smirking slightly seconds later as his phone beeped. I realised he text himself off my phone so he now had my number. His hot breath trickled down my neck as his hand slid into my back pocket, placing my phone down, and soon I realized that wasn't his only objective, giving my bum a quick squeeze before pulling his hand out. A strained whimper escaped my parted lips, causing his to quirk up in a smirk. I blinked a couple of times as his grip loosened, my eyebrows furrowing as I tried to understand the situation I was now in; when the air was squeezed from me, Harry tightly pressing his body to the front of mine; emitting a low moan as he took pleasure in our contact. My hand rose up in an attempt to push him away, but he caught hold of my wrists.

"Now, now." Harry muttered huskily, clicking his tongue as he brought my hands down by my sides; grinding his hips up against mine again; his nose grazing against my cheek as his lips were placed below my ear. I felt the tips of Harry's curly hair tickle against cheek. I froze on the spot, Harry releasing his grip around one of my wrists as he placed it on the back of my head, almost as if to keep me from escaping, as if I could anyway. My free arm immediately shot up between us pushing him away weakly as I felt him begin to suck.

"Harry." I weakly pleaded.

"You're going to be a challenge." He paused. "I like that." He almost growled against my neck.

I fisted Harry's white shirt as a sharp pain pierced through my body, his teeth grazing over the skin. Harry's breath trickled over my skin as he breathily laughed at my failed attempt of pushing him away, causing my attempts to pry free to become more desperate. I whimpered as his teeth nipped at my neck, then gliding his tongue over the tender spot, planting a few wet kisses before blowing over the spot; sending chills running down my spine. 

Harry finally stepped back, smirking as I yanked my other hand free. My fingers found my way to my neck, dabbing over the spot carefully as Harry came closer again, but I cautiously took a small step back. 

"You're mine now." Harry spoke in a hushed tone, his lustful gaze burning up and down my body before he turned away and strolled confidently over to the restrooms as if nothing happened. I stood frozen on the spot, stunned as I tried to process what had just happened. 

"Shit." I cursed as I brushed my fingers across my neck again, hastily running in the direction of my friends, desperately trying to find them before Harry exited the restrooms. 

I located them no more than twenty meters away, chatting and laughing together near the party house, completely oblivious to the event I had just partaken in. I elbowed my way through the warm bodies of intoxicated teenagers until I reached them. Eleanor was the first to greet me, flinging her arms around my neck as she spoke to me, her words coming out louder than usual and slightly slurred. I opened my mouth to speak but nothing seemed to come out. A frown quickly appearing on her face. 

"What's wrong?"

"I-I.." I stuttered, instantly regretting my movements as I brushed my fingers over the pain on my neck. My touch remained but my eyes caught someone else's intense gaze across the room.

Eleanor's eyes grew wide as she caught sight of my neck. 

"What the fuck Lou?" 

My friends all turned to look at me, their eyes then turning to look, curiously at what held my attention. Harry held a smirk on his face, gently playing with his lips before saying something to the group of guys he was with, and heading towards the empty street.

"Harry Styles gave you that?" Jessica asked rather shocked, I wasn't entirely sure on his last name but nodded anyway.

"Holy shit." Eleanor whispered. I didn't say anything, everyone bringing there attention back to me as we stood there silently. 

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