blind date

bella devine an 18 yr old girl who has had her heart broked to many times the last time was with a guy she loved he cheated on her she thought he was the one he saved her from an abusive family but when the borke up she went back to her family she still gets abused and when she goes on a blind date with nilaa horan the one who broke her heart what will happen???


1. Not u Not again

Bellas pvo

i walk out of the shower and get dressed i was getting ready for i bind date i havent dated sicecne i was 15 because of that stupid boy who broke my heart 3 yrs ago he cheated on mewith a even stupider little slut anyway i had to escape from this house anyway my father was getting more abusive and my mother keep not caring what he did to me. Anyway i put on my black sparkly tight dress an put on a little bit of makeup i go to my oom and put on my black heels luckly mum and dad are out so i wait for my blind dat to show up then i hear a knock and run to the door to see someone i never whanted to see again

nialls PVO

i was so excited to get back in the dating game when i get to her house i jump out of my carand walk to her door before i knck i take a deep breathe and run my fingers though my hair i hear her walk to the door when she opens it i see its bella she broke my heart 3 yrs ago i see her eyes water "not you not again" she says and she slams the door and runs off i open the door and run after her yelling "bella please let me explain" i find her room and start banging on the door "let me in please" i plead "Fuck off niall" she says though her tears "im coming in'i yell i open the door she didnt even lock it she so blonde i love her i walk in "you know how on that day you texted me and asked if u could come over" "yes" she replies "well before u got there she did she kissed ME i still love you bella" i wisper

Bellas PVO

" still love u bella"he wispers i smile "lets go to dinner he says "lets" i sy we get in the car *skip car trip* when we got to the restarount he acted like a gentlemen i missed him so much and the night was amazing he aid next time we hang i should meet the boys well i cant wail for that. im now tryin to go to sleep but i cant im thinking about niall


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