My Song Book

This is a book where I'm writing lyrics I have written. Some aren't quite finished, and some may not be very good, sorry if that's the case. Please give me feedback on the songs. Thanks <3


1. Why?

This song is called Why. I really like some parts of it, but some parts are still being worked on. Now please dont judge the structure too much because i did write it in the 5th or 6th grade. Thanks <3

First verse 


You look in the mirror

at yourself. 

You don't recognize

the face staring back at you. 

Why do you have to act so perfect

when your not?




Pretending, hiding

Thats all your doing. 

Your acting, and regretting 


So, why?


Second verse 


You look into the past,

at all the happy times. 

Then you see yourself now

behind some stereotypical mask. 

Thats not what you are,

so why make it seem so?

Cuz your not. 




Pretending, hiding

thats all your doing. 

Your acting and regretting


So why? 


Third verse


You don't like this,

Los why keep pretending?

Just be yourself,

and let your true colors shine through. 

Why does it have to be this way?




With the pretending, 'n' hiding. 

Thats all your doing. 

Your acting and regretting...


The pretending, hiding. 

Thats all I'm doing. 

I'm acting and regretting


So, why?




I look in the mirror

at myself. 

I don't recognize 

the face staring back

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