Unmarked Headstone

Eliza Jones is a lawyer turned detective and Detective Daniel Black is her best friend. The partners against crime try to solve a case that's been cold for sixteen years. As tension mounts and the clues slot together will they uncover the murderer alive all they know is they have an unmarked headstone

(The first installment of the 'Partners Against Crime' Series)


1. The Mystery Girl.

April 1st 1997

"Ow..." Elizabeth moaned opening her eyes. "Where am I?"


She stood and looked around she was in a basement.

She put her hand to her head then looked at her hand, it was covered in blood.

Before she knew it she was falling backwards.


December 15th 2007


"Who was she?" Detective Baker asked the pathologist doing a examination on the body of a girl who'd been dead for the past ten years and found only recently.


"Well we don't know...She was wearing a identity necklace saying Elizabeth but that's all we got. COD was blunt force trauma to the skull...."


"Something's telling me this case is about to go cold."


June 16th 2012 (Present day)

Detective Daniel Black walked through the gates of the cemetery he'd followed his partner, Lawyer turned detective Eliza Jones, to.


Eliza had wondered off from a crime scene and that could only mean something was wrong.

He saw her stood beside one of the graves. He walked up behind her and put his hand on her shoulder.


"Hey you alright?" he asked.


"I'm fine..." She whispered although she clearly wasn't.


The grave she was stood in front said.

'Michel Jones 1969-2005 

With loving wife Jessica Jones 1969-2005'


"Your parents?" He asked, she nodded and a tear rolled down her face.


"I haven't come here in 4 years..." She told him.


He spun her to face him.




"Because I try to forget...but since I started working with you it's like oh I dunno..." She explained.

Dan didn't know what to say. He so wanted to say the right thing. El was his friend he couldn't bare seeing her so upset. 

He wished she would tell him what happened to her parents.


"What happened to them?" He asked.


"They..." El started but then something caught her eye.

Another grave stone. 


Marked on it was 

'Elizabeth ?-1997'


"That's odd..." El Said.


"What is?"


"Don't you have any imagination? This girl or woman died but they don't know when she was born and they don't know her last name..." She told him.


"what you thinking?"


"If they don't even know her last name why the head stone? If her family did it there would be a last name." She looked walked over to the vicar.


"Excuse me farther..."She began. "Whose stone is this?"


"My child that stone is one of the only ones I remember..." he said. "The police found a body of a young girl in 07 , she's been dead about ten years all they knew was her first name and they guessed her date of death."


"Did they say how she died?" Danny asked.


"She'd been hit on the back of the head, why do you ask?"


"Just wondered...Thanks again..." El said before walking back over to the stone.


"El...you've got that murder solving face on..." Dan smirked.


"Your right Because I don't think Elisabeth died of natural causes..."


"El? How can you tell all that from a headstone?" Dan asked.


"I dunno yet..."


"Well come on we've got a death that'll cheer you up!"


He then took her hand and they walked out of the grave yard.

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