Unmarked Headstone

Eliza Jones is a lawyer turned detective and Detective Daniel Black is her best friend. The partners against crime try to solve a case that's been cold for sixteen years. As tension mounts and the clues slot together will they uncover the murderer alive all they know is they have an unmarked headstone

(The first installment of the 'Partners Against Crime' Series)


3. The Detective.

Dan pulled up outside Baker's house and turned to El.


Ellie?" He said but she said nothing.


'not the silent treatment' He thought.


"Ellie?" Still nothing. " Ellie talk to me!"


She refused to say anything.


"Eliza Ashlyn Jones please speak to me..."


"You did not just call me my full name!" She exclaimed breaking the silence.


"Oh but I did..."


The two got out the car but El refused to walk any further.


"Eliza!" He cried now starting to be annoyed by his partner who was really just winding him up. "If I have to carry you to the front door I will!"


"you wouldn't..." She mumbled.


but before she knew it he lifted her up on to his shoulder.


"Put me down!" She ordered but Dan didn't and he walked her over to the door. "OK you've got three seconds...3...2...1! MURDER! MURDER HELP ME!"


Dan reluctantly put her down.


The door behind them opened.


"What's going off?" Mr Baker said.


"Ah yes, Mr Baker sorry about my partner he's very immature its his religion. Anyway I'm El Jones and this is my partner Detective Daniel Black..." El explained looking at Dan who seemed to have a bruised ego.


"Oh right, what can I help you with?" He asked.


"Six years ago you were lead detective on a case when someone found the body of girl who had been dead for ten years. The girl was called Elizabeth but no one knew a last name. Her family were never found and the case went cold." El explained.


"Oh yeah, I bought her a head stone." He sighed.


"Why was that?" Dan questioned,


"I felt I'd let her down. She was a kid and we couldn't find out who she was. I couldn't watch them just burn her and be done with it. so I bought her a stone and every so often I go put some flowers down." He replied obviously upset that he couldn't solve he case.


"We're investigating her case again and we have a hunch but we need you to tell us what your remember."


"Please come in..." He insisted leading them into his living room before offering tea to which El declined but Dan didn't.

"I'm afraid there isn't much to say. her DNA wasn't in the data base and technology has moved on since then though. Her body was found when some people moved into an old house that hadn't been occupied for years and they went down to the cellar." He told them while Dan ate a custard cream El was taking it all in.


"Did you do a forensic sweep of the cellar?" She asked


"We did our best but my Chief was breathing down my neck telling me it was a waste of time so when I tried to do a search it was me on my own..."


"Right well...Me and Dan will go to this old house and see what we can shake out of it if you'd give us the address..." She said standing up and then slapping Danny's hand as he reached for another biscuit.


"Of cause..." Mr Baker stood and walked out of the room. A few seconds later he was back with the address. "Here you go..."


"Thanks." She smiled "Come on Detective!" She grabbed Dan's shoulder and they walked out of the house and into the car.

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