Unmarked Headstone

Eliza Jones is a lawyer turned detective and Detective Daniel Black is her best friend. The partners against crime try to solve a case that's been cold for sixteen years. As tension mounts and the clues slot together will they uncover the murderer alive all they know is they have an unmarked headstone

(The first installment of the 'Partners Against Crime' Series)


2. The case

El sat on the edge of her desk reading the file while Dan sat throwing paper planes over to her. She caught one.


"What are you doing?" She asked throwing it back.


"You told me to recycle..."


"Yeah but I meant put it in the recycle bin I did not at any point say fly the Atlantic with it!" She exclaimed picking up the others and throwing them back to him.


El went back to reading the file. Dan started humming 'will you still love me tomorrow' and it was annoying.


"Danny...Shut it..." She exclaimed not looking up from the file.


"Ellie..." He started and she cringed at being called Ellie. "Have you found anything yet!"


"COD was blunt force trauma to the back of the skull, well it at least that was the original pathologist thought..." She explained with a 'i have another idea.' look.


"I take it you have another idea dearest..." he said excitedly looking over her shoulder.


"Well if you look at this picture..." She started handing him a picture of the back of the girls head and it had a imprint. Dan wasn't too good with the dead. He looked away and El smirked.


"What have you seen?" Danny asked.


"The imprint isn't from being hit its not deep enough. If someone was gonna kill her they'd have hit her harder. And if you look closer there's a more flat imprint like from concrete. I'm not 100% but someone could have hit her with something the first time then she, what stumbled back and hit her head on the ground the second causing the fatal injury..." El explained


"If only we knew who she was..."


El thought for a second "We could go and see the original investigating officer." She suggested. "It says here he's retired come on..,"


She grabbed her coat and they went and got in Danny's car.


"You do know we have a more recent case to work on...I mean this case has been cold for the past five years or so what makes  you think we'll find something now?" Dan said putting the key in the ignition.


"You don't have to work with me you know...It's not like I'm a real cop I'm just the lawyer why should I make the decisions." She replied turning away from him.


"Hey darling look at me..." He whispered putting his hand on her shoulder. "I'm going along with this because you are a better cop than anyone, you can work out someone's story in a heartbeat. You have an idea about this case and I'll go with it. So let's go and see this ex cop."

Eliza didn't move so Dan decided to just drive the to detective Bakers.

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