Time to shine

Follow Amelia and her best friends Larry and Garry as they go through life in street racing while finding out who is trying to kill her brother.


3. the party


 The race was gunna start and the three of us, Larry Garry and I, were in the front of the crowd waiting to see it start.
“Alright you all know the rules” said an announcer with surprise surprise bimbo number one and two on his arms.
 “Why don’t we make this a lil’ more interesting” said one of the racers pulling out some money.
 “Alright, alright how about two grand each” said the announcer a little greedily. A few murmurs of alright was heard from each of the racers. Everyone got their cars in line. One by one each engine roared to life. I saw rick getting in his car he saw me to and winked at right at me. Normally I would just roll my eyes but instead I just smiled which surprised me.
 “Alright ladies and gentlemen on your mark, get set, GO!”  All the cars speed right passed the start line like the speed of light. Jerry and rick were neck and neck in first place.
 After only about ten minutes maybe more you could see the headlights in the distance coming straight for the finish line. Everyone was cheering and trying to see who was in the lead. As the cars got closer you could see two cars neck and neck coming towards the finish line at lightning speed. I could faintly make out Jerry’s car as one of them.
“Holy shit! Look at him go!” yelled Larry or maybe Garry as they watched their brother speed towards us. Suddenly I could start to make out the other car as the black and red Camaro that belonged to rick.
“Woohoo! Come on Jerry this one’s for the money!” I heard for sure this time Garry. Everyone started running out of the way of the cars to see who would win. Larry, Garry, and I were at the front of the crowd waiting to see what would happen. Out of nowhere you just see jerry take off like he’s being chased by the devil leaving Rick to eat his dust. Rick wasn’t going to have any of that from the looks of it and was hot on Jerry’s tail.
It didn’t matter because a minute later Jerry crossed the finish line first. One second later Rick did too. Little by little the other cars started crossing the line but it didn’t matter because Jerry won. Jerry and Rick both got out of the car and shocked hands but you could tell Rick wasn’t very happy.
I walked right up to rick and said, “You know this means I won the bet right?” my voice gave hint that I was trying not to laugh.
“Yeah I know but maybe you’ll take pity on me and give me your number anyway?” rick replied with a sheepish smile and mischief in his eyes.
Before I could reply Larry shouted to me “Amelia we’re gunna head on to the party!”
“You know I could take you to the party if you want,” Rick said though you could sick tell he was up to something.
“Alright sure,” I told him trying to fight back the giggles I was getting just looking at him.
Then I shouted back at Larry, “I’m gunna get a ride from Rick I’ll meet you there!” I saw him nod his head and I went back to smiling at rick.
“So would you give me your number or am I gunna have to beg for it?” rick asked with a big smirk plastered on his face.
 I pretended to think about it before I said, “Maybe I kind of like the idea of you begging,” I told him with laughter in my voice.
“You are one evil little girl you know that?” Rick said while swinging his arm over my shoulder.
I playfully hit his chest and then said, “I am not little I’m the average size for a girl thank you very much,” I said all this with a mock serious face.
“Sure,” he said once we got to his beautiful car. He tossed me his keys which I was confused. I guess he noticed because he said “you won the bet you get one ride.”
I have to admit on the inside I was squealing like a little girl. I don’t know why but ran right up to him and gave him a huge hug. He was surprised at first but then quickly hugged me back. I hoped into the driver’s seat and started the engine. She roared to life making everyone back away from her.
“Alright so which way out of here?” I asked Rick while trying to find a way out.
“Just go straight I’ll tell you when to turn,” he said nonchalantly.
After a few turns and a very silent ride we were at the party. There was already people passed out on the floor, Music was blaring, you could smell the liquor a mile away. Everywhere you looked there were people dancing, drinking, and talking without a care in the world. I didn’t notice Rick had left until I went to ask him something.
I walked into the house and I imeadiantly saw Jerry.

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