Time to shine

Follow Amelia and her best friends Larry and Garry as they go through life in street racing while finding out who is trying to kill her brother.


1. street racing


 Tap. Tap. Tap. Tap.  Tap.
     That’s the sound I’ve been hearing for the last ten minutes at my window. Giving in to my curiosity I went over to my window to see what it was. Outside my window sitting on a tree branch is my best friend and his twin brother Larry and Garry.
     Larry and Garry both had green-blue eyes with brown hair, and a slight tan.  “Open the window” Whispered Garry. I opened up the window which they climbed through rather gracefully. Standing next to them I was a midget considering that I’m only five-foot three and them being five-foot seven. “Alright, so what’s up because you guys never come over this late at night?” I asked them eyeing them suspiciously when they gave me identical mischievous grins.
“Well my dear lady—”
“We have recently decided—”
“That we shall be occupying you—”
“During the nights since you have been punished.”
Said the twins copying the weasley twins from harry potter.
“Good because if it weren’t for the two of you we wouldn’t have been caught.” I replied sending them a glare though my face was fighting off a smile.
You see we were doing a semi harmless prank on the school principle when one of them got distracted, and blew our cover. My mom was furious when she found out and let me just say it wasn’t pretty. She was ranting about how was I supposed to become a lady if I kept doing things a lady never would. My dad on the other hand was laughing behind her back giving me thumbs up. You see my mom back in her days was a model student, but my dad on the other hand was a class clown and prankster extraordinaire. How they ended up together has always been a mystery to me.
“Well since you’re here what do you wanna do ‘cause as you know I can’t leave the house?” I asked them.
“Garry and I decided to distract your parents long enough for you to sneak out with us,” Replied Larry with a smirk.
 “Oh really, and please tell me how you’re going to do that?” I asked rather expectantly.
“Larry and I are gunna knock on your front door and when you hear them open it climb out the window and then we can get on to do whatever we want for the night.” Replied a smug looking Garry with a grin.
“Alright but what are we gunna do out there huh?” I asked them expectantly. Both Larry and Garry looked at each other smiled then simultaneously said, “street racing”.
 “Alright cool, but how do you even know where a race is,” I asked them cautiously.
 “Oh our older brother races so he invited us—” said Garry
“And he is waiting for us as we speak” finished Larry
“Alright just let me get changed and I’ll text you when I’m ready ok.” I told them while I started looking for something to wear.
The twins left out the window and into the night. I decided to wear a red tank top that stopped an inch above my belly button with a studded belt, converse, and black skinny jeans. I looked in my mirror I supposed I looked ok with my red streaks that went through my wavy brown hair. I’m surprised my dark skin didn’t clash with my hair at all. I texted the boys to go distract my parents.
Not even five minutes later I heard a knock at the front door. My mom answered.
“Hi Mrs. Prieto can we go hang out with Amelia?” asked one of the twins.
“No boys she’s grounded you’ll have to wait until after next week.” My mom replied in sweet tone. I had already started climbing down the tree when she answered them by the time I got down from the tree my mom had closed the door. 
“Hey guys are you ready?” I whispered to the twins. “Yeah come on our brother’s waiting down the street for us.

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