Time to shine

Follow Amelia and her best friends Larry and Garry as they go through life in street racing while finding out who is trying to kill her brother.


6. shot



When I got outside I saw a guy laying there in his own blood. I quickly ran up to him to see if I could do anything. When I got to him I saw his face and it was Rick. Rick had been shot I couldn’t believe it. My mind started racing, what if he dies? All these ‘what if’s’ going through my head. I don’t know why I care so much I mean I just meet him yet he seemed familiar somehow. It feels almost as if I knew him a long time ago and just forgot him but not completely. Then I noticed how bad he was bleeding and he was unconscious.

“Quick one of you call nine one one!” I yelled at the guys. None of them moved.

“Why the fuck are you just standing there make the fucking call!” Larry sprang into action and took out his phone and started calling. He told them someone had been shot, gave the address and hung up.

“They’ll be here in five,” Larry said after hanging up.

“Amelia I know you probably don’t want to hear this but we have to leave,” said Jerry with urgency in his voice.

“WHAT!? NO, I can’t just leave him here on his own” I yelled back at him trying to hold back tears but why am I crying?

“Amelia ‘cus he was shot the cops will come and you’re at a party not to mention you’ve been drinking, you will be arrested. I could hear the sirens coming from a distance and getting closer.

“Come on we don’t have much time,” Larry said while Garry pried me off of Rick.

“Look Amelia I’ll check up on him tomorrow and you can visit with me okay but we have to go,” jerry said pulling me towards the car.


“Good now let’s go,” jerry said hopping into the driver’s seat. I quickly climbed into the backseat. Once we were all in we speed away just as the cops and ambulance arrived at the scene.

“Do you think he’ll be alright?” I asked no one in particular. No one answered because no one knew.

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