Time to shine

Follow Amelia and her best friends Larry and Garry as they go through life in street racing while finding out who is trying to kill her brother.


2. Jerry and rick


    When we got to the car I saw their brother in the driver’s seat wearing sunglasses.
“Hey jerry this is Amelia. Amelia this is our brother jerry” said Larry happily.
“Nice to meet ya Amelia. You ready to go street racing?” said jerry grinning. Jerry I suppose could be tall if his brothers are anything to go by. He had brown hair like the boys and a slight tan. I couldn’t tell what he looked like exactly because of the glasses.
 “Good to meet you too. I suppose I just hope we don’t get caught.” I replied nervously.
“Don’t worry we won’t get caught, I mean we haven’t been caught before.” Jerry replied cockily with a grin on his face. I couldn’t help but trust him, he was like the twins like that you just can’t help but trust them.
“Alright if you’re sure.” I replied with a nervous grin.
“Alright let’s hit the road!” yelled the twins enthusiastically.
When we got there I couldn’t help but notice that it was mostly adults who were there.
 “Alright guys now remember if a person gives you a bad vibe give an excuse and go find me. Got it?” jerry said looking at us seriously. We all nodded our heads that we understood.
I started walking around looking at all the cars when I saw it. It was a beautiful black and red Camaro. I guess I had been starring at it for a while because the owner came up to me.
“Hey you like my ride?” asked some guy with a leather jacket. He looked to be about fifteen to nineteen year old.
“Um, yeah it’s really nice.” I replied nervously.
“My names rick by the way.” Rick told me nicely
“What’s your name?” he asked curiously.
 “Oh um, it’s Amelia.” I replied just as nervous as before.
 “Cool is this your first race?” he asked me smiling. “Yeah it is.” I replied cautiously eyeing him.
“Well don’t worry ‘bout it we’ve never been caught before.” Rick said reassuringly with a smile.
Rick and I talked for a while about each other. “So the race is gunna start right now, so I’ll catch up with ya in a ‘lil bit alright.” Rick told me grinning.
“Yeah sure if I see you.” I told him reassuringly. 
“Oh you’ll see me ‘cause I’m gunna win” he told me cockily.
 “Alright you want to bet on it” I asked him grinning mischievously
. Rick started “Alright sure, if I win you gotta give me your phone number and if you win—″
“I get to take your car for a ride, deal?” I told him cutting him off. I held my hand out to him then looking at him expectantly.
“Alright it’s a deal.” Rick said taking my hand in his.
I walked away looking for any of the guys. I couldn’t see them anywhere in the huge crowd I was in. That’s when I saw jerry in front of the crowd by his car, and right next to him was Larry and Garry. A couple of girls were trying to seduce jerry but by the look on his face he wanted them to get the hell away from him. It was hard to suppress a laugh at his horrified face at something on of the girls said. I decided I might as well help him out so I pushed my way through the crowed to get to him. I walked right up to jerry and gave him a peck on the cheek.
Girl number one looked shocked but then she narrowed her eyes at me and said “Who the hell are you supposed to be?” In a bitchy tone.
I looked at jerry and winked at him then turned back to bimbo number one and bimbo number two, “ I’m his girlfriend,” I replied then added “got a problem with that” I told them a little viciously while narrowing my own eyes.
 “Um yeah I do” replied bimbo number two.
I laughed then I said “yeah well deal with it sweetheart” I told them in a sickly sweet voice. I turned to look at jerry to see him smirking at me.
 “Jerry, babe, tell me she isn’t serious” said bimbo number two.
 “Sorry girls but its true this is my girlfriend” said jerry smirking and grabbing hold of my waist. Bimbo number one and two left after he said that though they gave me a murderous glare before they did.
“Phew thanks a lot Amelia you really saved me there.” said jerry gratefully.
“It was nothing don’t mention it.”
“Ha-ha alright I won’t.” laughed jerry.
 “No seriously don’t mention I don’t need my reputation as a badass to be squashed because of one good deed.” I told him jokingly.
We kind of just stood there staring at each other not knowing what to say until two familiar voices said, “what you guys lookin’ at?,” I turned to look at Larry and Garry’s smirking faces.
“Nothing so do you know when the race is gunna start?” I asked them trying to change the subject. It was then I realized jerry still had his arm around me when he went to check his watch.
“Oh um in about five minutes I better go get ready.” Said jerry awkwardly probably realizing what I just did not even two minutes ago.
“Yeah alright later man.” Said one of the twins still smirking.  Jerry turned and went to one of the mechanics looking at the car.
“So you wanna tell us what that was all about” asked Larry smiling mischievously with one of his eyebrows raised at me.
“Yeah since when were you datin’ our dear older brother jerry?” said Garry acting like Larry did.
“Guys I‘ve never dated him at least not in this lifetime.” I told them seriously with my hands on my hips.
“We know, we know, we were just joking Amelia.” Grinned Larry still with his eye brow raised at me.

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