Time to shine

Follow Amelia and her best friends Larry and Garry as they go through life in street racing while finding out who is trying to kill her brother.


8. Holy SHIT

“WHAT? I thought I was an only child,” I Practically yelled at my parents.

“Amelia before you were born your father got into a bit of trouble with the law and well your brother was taken from us,” my mom told me.

“If he was taken from you then why wasn’t I?” I asked them both.

“Your mom was only a month pregnant when he was taken he was only four,” my dad said sadly.

“Why are you telling me this now and do you even know where he is?” I asked starting to pace.

“He was sent to live with your aunt, my sister, and we haven’t heard anything from them ever since only this morning we received a call from your aunt,” my dad said looking at me while motioning to my chair. I didn’t want to sit and remained standing.

“Apparently since he is over eighteen he decided to come looking for us,” my dad said while grabbing onto my mom’s hand, “Also he’s been in town for about two months now.

“And you just found this out?”

“Yes well your aunt didn’t really want us to know especially after what happened between us she thought she was doing what was right.” 

“Well can I at least know my own brothers name”

“His name is Rick,” my mom said coming into the conversation. Rick. RICK. Oh shits please don’t let it be the same rick please no.

“Does rick have any like hobbies you guys may know about?” I asked trying not to start pacing again.

“Yes your aunt says much to my disappointment that he loves to street race,” my mom said while scowling. Obviously I know who I’m more like personality wise. Back up she just said street racing. Mother of fuck I am screwed. Oh my god RICK was shot. My brother was shot.  No wonder I felt connected to him. I wonder if he knew I’m his little sister.

“Well that’s all we had to tell you, oh and you’re not grounded anymore” my dad said.


“Yeah I mean I used to do way worse so yeah besides you didn’t actually do anything,” my dad said this while getting up and going to the kitchen. I quickly ran up the stairs straight to my room to call Larry and Garry. 

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