Time to shine

Follow Amelia and her best friends Larry and Garry as they go through life in street racing while finding out who is trying to kill her brother.


5. gunshots


They were smiling as if they had won the lottery and I could see a hickey starting to form on Larry’s neck. Garry already had a hickey and not trying to hide it.
“So did you guys get laid?” I asked them while smirking at them.
“That’s none of your business, but I would like to know why our dear older brother Jerry is standing in between your legs or why you seem to be blushing?” asked Larry while wearing a shit eating grin.
“Yeah since when we’re you guys into the whole PDA let alone why were we not told you were dating?” Garry said catching on to what Larry was doing.
“You guys know damn well what’s going on,” jerry told the twins while frowning. I noticed he still hasn’t taken off his sunglasses.
“Relax sheesh we know we’re not stupid you know” replied the twins simultaneously. 
“So where have you guys been?” I asked so there wouldn’t be a fight. The twins just looked at each other than shrugged in response.
“Really that’s all I’m going to get out of you guys a shrug?” I exclaimed from the counter. Surprisingly jerry was still in the position that the twins had found us. Suddenly there was a screech from outside and then five gunshots.
People all around us started yelling and running around. I imeadiantly jumped down from the counter and ran outside. 

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