Time to shine

Follow Amelia and her best friends Larry and Garry as they go through life in street racing while finding out who is trying to kill her brother.


10. elevator talks

We walked into the waiting room and walked up to the front desk. There was a small red head nurse she looked about thirty five at most.

“Hello dears if you need a pregnancy test there’s a form right over there,” She told us with a cheesy smile while pointing somewhere towards the left. Hold up she thinks I’m pregnant what the fuck? Who the hell does she think she is? I guess Jerry saw that I was getting mad and spoke before I could start yelling at the lady.

“No miss we don’t need one we aren’t together we’re actually here to visit someone,” he told the annoying lady. Her face looked shocked but she quickly put back her annoying cheesy smile.

“Oh sorry well who are you here to see dears?” she asked

“We’re here to see our friend his name is Rick Prieto,” Jerry told her with a smile looking at her through his sunglasses. The lady smiled back at him and started looking for rick on the computer. In like two minutes she finally looked back up.

“He’s in room 682 be careful he just got out of surgery,” the lady said with her freakishly annoying smile. I swear if she didn’t stop smiling at us like that I was going to rage.

“Thanks,” jerry told the lady. He pulled me across the lobby and towards the elevator. In the elevator it was so quiet it was driving me insane. I hate the quiet unless I’m planning something or being sneaky. Finally I couldn’t take it anymore and said something.

“Are you mad at me?” I blurted out. I have no idea what’s wrong with me I keep saying things without thinking.

“I’m not mad just frustrated because this is something that’s pretty much life changing,” jerry said while turning to look at me, “Not to mention rick’s my friend and he has a right to know he has a sister.”

“Yeah but for all we know this Rick might not be my brother,” I told him while trying to look at him instead of the floor.

“Amelia look at the facts he street races, you have the same last name, your brother and him both have the same name,” Jerry said and he sounded like he was getting even more frustrated.

I hate to admit it but he had a point so all I said was “we’ll see.” Jerry just shook his head at me and walked out of the elevator. 

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