Teenage Crime.

*Harry Styles Fanfic* I was innocent. One day I saw something I shouldn't have. This man was beating up another guy there was two other guys beating on the same man too. I ran I was scarred. But he heard me. He chased after me and caught me. He knew what I saw. He kept me captive. He changed me. I shouldn't be falling in love, but I am. He changed me. I'm still afraid of him, but also madly in love. And now we are both part of a teenage crime. **One Direction Not Famous!!!**


22. ⾳

Skye's P.O.V.

I sigh and stand up and they stand up after me. I lock my lips and say while shaking my head, "I don't want to get into this right now. Can you forget what I just said?"

Liam looked at me sternly and says, "No! You are gonna tell us what he has done to you!" I look at Harry but he didn't look like he was gonna argue with Liam.

I roll my eyes and sigh and say, "It was just one time. We got in a fight and he slapped me that's it! Happy?"

Liam look furious and spat at me, "How could you be so stupid not to tell us?" I scoff and turn and walk inside. I can't believe he had the nerve to say that to me right now. Why can't i just get a break. Instead of walking to Louis door I kept walking towards my house. I hear running from behind me and feel a hand brush against mine. I look by my side and see Harry. He smiles softly and holds my hand. We walk over to my house not saying a word. Right now it is about 6:30 am. I only had about 5 minutes of sleep so I'm tired. We get to my house and walk up the stairs. Both my mom and dad are asleep. I can't believe all this happened in one night. Harry picks me up and sets me down on the bed. He lays down beside me wrapping his arms around me. I feel his heart beating against my chest. I smile to myself and slowly fall asleep. 


I feel someone moving under me. I smile and turn over seeing Harry grinning at me. Then it all hits me, everything that happened last night really happened.

My smile fades and Harry says, "Hey, sorry did I wake you?" I nod and hug him tightly surprising him. He hugs back and whispers in my ear, "You are so beautiful."

I kiss his cheek and he pulls away and heads downstairs. I take the opportunity to go and put some makeup on. I look in the mirror , and my makeup is smear. I wash my face and reapply it. I brush my hair making my natural loose waves fall. I put on a black tank top and shorts with my yellow throw on.

I walk down the stairs and see Harry and my mom talking. I smile and sit next to Harry and my mom puts a plate of pancakes on my plate. I smile and eat them as Harry finishes his. I ask him, "What all are we gonna do today?"

"Well first we need to go and check on Niall I bet he is worried sick about you."

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