Teenage Crime.

*Harry Styles Fanfic* I was innocent. One day I saw something I shouldn't have. This man was beating up another guy there was two other guys beating on the same man too. I ran I was scarred. But he heard me. He chased after me and caught me. He knew what I saw. He kept me captive. He changed me. I shouldn't be falling in love, but I am. He changed me. I'm still afraid of him, but also madly in love. And now we are both part of a teenage crime. **One Direction Not Famous!!!**


9. ♕

Harry's P.O.V.

After I saw Skye shoot the gun I ran back to her. But right when I am about to get to her someone pulls me and slams me against the wall. I look and see Zayn's sweaty face. I opened my mouth about to say something but he covered my mouth. I heard Skye screaming so i pushed Zayn but he pushed me harder. Then we wait for about 5 minutes and hear a car drive off then Zayn gets off me. I look at him as I am furious that he let Skye go off with Liam. Now the boss is gonna kill us and Skye will hate me. Wait why do I care if she likes me or not? Oh yea cause I have stupid love feelings for her!

I shake my head out of my thoughts and push Zayn and say, "What the hell man? You just let her go with Liam! The guys who owe us money! Where is Louis? He is gonna kill you! She could have gotten hurt!"

Zayn laughs and says, "Are you hearing yourself? Why do you care about her? You spent one day with her and now you care about her?"

I scoff and say, "I have known her all my life! I care about her cause I'm human and I have a heart! Something you wouldn't understand!"

He looks away for a second and says, "I do have a heart! But it got ripped into shreds by Perrie! I don't want it happening to you too."

We stand there in silence for awhile then Zayn just walks off. I walk close behind him but neither of us say a word. We keep walking and we see Louis with a bloody lip in the car.

We get inside and we don't say anything till Louis says, "Where is Skye?"

Zayn answers, "With Liam."


Skye's P.O.V.

I wake up to the wonderful smell of pancakes. I get up and stretch and make my way to Liam and Niall's kitchen. I see Liam flipping pancakes like a pro. He hands me a plate, syrup, and butter. I start to prepare my pancake like i want and then chow down. I finish it in less than a minute. Liam looks at my plate then make at me in shock.

Then he says, "Your so tiny. How did that fit in your body!?"

I laugh then say, "Is Niall awake?"

Liam answers, "Yes he is. Take this to him." Liam hands me a plate of pancakes for Niall.

I go and walk to his room and say, "Good morning, sleeping beauty!" He laughs then takes the food.

He starts to eat then looks up and down and me and says, "You look good in my clothes"

He winks and I laugh. I look at his leg all banged up. He looks so tired and in pain. I flashback to last night. Shooting the gun was such a rush. I felt alive, even though I almost killed someone. I star to think about the insane last couple days. I thought Harry had feelings for me. Or at least enough heart to see if I was ok. I could be dead right now and he wouldn't even know! I lay down in the bed with Niall and slowly close my eyes. I hear voices coming for outside.

Then I hear the door slam open and someone that I knew was Harry yelled, "Skye? Are you ok?"

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