Teenage Crime.

*Harry Styles Fanfic* I was innocent. One day I saw something I shouldn't have. This man was beating up another guy there was two other guys beating on the same man too. I ran I was scarred. But he heard me. He chased after me and caught me. He knew what I saw. He kept me captive. He changed me. I shouldn't be falling in love, but I am. He changed me. I'm still afraid of him, but also madly in love. And now we are both part of a teenage crime. **One Direction Not Famous!!!**


7. ☾

Skye's P.O.V.

Louis wakes me up and says, "Wake up its almost time to go."

I nod and sit up and look around the room. I watch as Harry, Zayn, and Louis plan out what they are gonna do. All they tell me is that I'm gonna be following them and if I think anyone is a threat to shoot them. Thinking about shooting people made my stomach turn. I grab Harry's arm and pull him over to where Louis and Zayn can't hear. He looks at my confused and says, "What's wrong?"

"Just because my dad owes money isn't the reason why I am here, is it?" I say.

Harry avoids looking at me then finally sighs and looks me straight in the eyes and says, "No it isn't the reason." 

"Then what is the-" I get cut off by Louis saying, "It's time to go, Skye be careful ok? All that is gonna happen is we are gonna get the money then gonna go to Simon."

"Who is Simon?" I ask.

Louis answers, "He is our boss."

Harry grabs my hand and we follow Louis and Zayn to the car. We get in then drive for about 20 minutes in silence. I watch as the city lights and happy couples go by. I see the little kids laughing with their families. I watch as the clouds go across the moon making it a cloudy night.  I ignore Zayn and Harry's conversation, it wasn't important. I miss my freedom. I can't wait to go to school tomorrow. I'm gonna actually see, Ella and Josh! I get to see Niall tonight but I can't talk to him or Liam. The car stops and Harry gets me out of the car. He gives me his coat cause its freezing out here. I shiver even with his coats on. We start to walk a couple blocks. Then we turn to an alley. It was pitch dark except for the moonlight reflecting over a puddle. We go over to the finally turn of the alley and wait. None of us say a word. Then we hear footsteps. Harry pulls me behind him to protect me, I guess. I hear two voices and instantly know who they are. Niall and Liam. I see Niall and he sees me. I push Harry aside and run to Niall. He hugs me tightly. I hear Louis and Harry calling my name but I ignore it. Niall pulls away and puts both hands on the sides of my face and says, "Did they hurt you?".

I shake my head no and look over at Harry who is furious.

Then Zayn says,"Where is the money?"

Liam walks up to them and gives them an envelope. Louis comes up behind me and picks me up and sets me by Harry who holds my arms tightly, so I can't go back to Niall. I look at him and he looks away.

Zayn looks through the envelope and says, "This is only 7,000, we said 10,000" 

Liam nods and says, "We couldn't get all of it in time so we gave you all we had. But we have to ask you something. What do you want with Skye?"

Harry speaks up and says, "We don't want her. The boss wants her."

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