Teenage Crime.

*Harry Styles Fanfic* I was innocent. One day I saw something I shouldn't have. This man was beating up another guy there was two other guys beating on the same man too. I ran I was scarred. But he heard me. He chased after me and caught me. He knew what I saw. He kept me captive. He changed me. I shouldn't be falling in love, but I am. He changed me. I'm still afraid of him, but also madly in love. And now we are both part of a teenage crime. **One Direction Not Famous!!!**


5. ☆

Skye's P.O.V.

I wake up and stretch my arms while yawning. I look and see i'm not in my bedroom. Where in the world am I? Oh yea last night was real, not a dream. I plop back on the bed and try to fall back asleep but I can't cause of the bright sunlight. I get up and look in the mirror. My mascara is smeared and so is my eyeliner. I shrug and walk out of the room and go into the kitchen. I see Louis watching TV. He smiles and starts to talk to me but I coldly ignore him. I go to the pantry...nothing. I go to the refrigerator ...nothing. I avoid looking at Louis and walk back to my room. Louis grabs my arm but I yank it away. I go back in my room and slam the door behind me. I sit on my bed thinking then I start to cry. I start to think about Josh. He is my boyfriend. I miss him like crazy. Ella, I can't even think about her. She is more than a best friend she is my family. I'm gonna miss Niall also. I have known him forever! I keep crying and look at the mirror. I shake my head and throw my heel at it, hard. I shatters in pieces. I fall to my knees and cry in my hands. I can't stand being controlled like this! It makes me feel helpless.

Harry bursts through the door and screams at me making me flinch, "WHAT THE HELL SKYE!". I ignore him and keep crying in my hands. He picks me up by my shoulders and sets me on the bed. He takes my hands away from my face and he holds them.

He looks into me teary eyes and says, "Don't you dare do that again. I thought  you killed yourself! It scarred the hell out of me!".  Louis runs in and sees the broken mirror and he stares at my leg. Why was he looking there? I look at my leg and see a huge gash and some glass sticking out of it.

He yells to Zayn, "Go call the ambulance!" He runs to me and examines my leg.

Zayn runs in and says, "Louis me and you need to get to school. Harry will stay with her." Louis nods and gets up and leaves with Zayn. I pull my hands away from Harry and wipe my tears. He stares into my eyes and says, "Why did you do this?"

"I felt helpless. I felt trapped, caged, scarred. I panicked." I say quietly.

Harry hugs me then the ambulance comes in and takes the glass out and stitch me up and put a bandage over and left. My leg was aching. It all was just kinda a blur. I don't really know why I broke it. I just did.

I wanna go home.


Niall's P.O.V.

I wake up to my alarm. I get changed and eat breakfast. I get in my car and start to drive off to school. When I get to school I see Ella, Josh, and Liam, but no Skye. I look and see Louis and Zayn, but no Harry. Oh crap!

I run up to Louis and Zayn and spat out, "Where the hell is she? Did u kill her.."

"No we didn't. She is at home with Harry.", Louis says.

I scoff and walk into the school and go to my first class. I sit in my seat and start to think about what they will do. Will they rape her? Hit her? Kill her? 

I'm gonna get make sure she is safe.

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