Teenage Crime.

*Harry Styles Fanfic* I was innocent. One day I saw something I shouldn't have. This man was beating up another guy there was two other guys beating on the same man too. I ran I was scarred. But he heard me. He chased after me and caught me. He knew what I saw. He kept me captive. He changed me. I shouldn't be falling in love, but I am. He changed me. I'm still afraid of him, but also madly in love. And now we are both part of a teenage crime. **One Direction Not Famous!!!**


17. ⧒ (#Skyegoescrazy)

Skye's P.O.V.

We get in the car and Harry tells me we are going to Louis. I nod in response and turn on the radio. We sit there in silence, but not the awkward silence a comfortable silence. He takes my hand and kisses it making me blush. He continues to drive till we reach the house. He parks the car and we both get out. I look over and see Liam's car. Why would he be here? Harry puts his arm around my waist walking with me. Harry gets his key and walks in. I see Louis and Liam yelling at each other. Harry slams the door and it gets there attention instantly. Liam runs up to me and embraces me in a tight hug.

He whispers in my ear, "I'm so glad your ok." I push him off and go to sit on the couch. He looks at me confused then looks at Harry.

Harry passes by him and goes to Louis and spats, "Why didn't you tell her or me?" 

Louis sighs and says, "I was gonna tell you but Simon didn't want to because he knew you would tell her!"

I stand up and say, "Louis, Harry stop ok? We all know what happened. Know I want some respect. I'm not a baby, ok? I can actually speak for myself and I don't need protection!" They all look at me with their mouths open. I go up to Zayn and ask, "Where are the guns?"

He looks over at Louis as he says, "Skye we aren't not showing you."

"And why not?" I ask with attitude in my voice.

"You don't know how to use it." He answers.

"Well I asked Zayn cause I know for a fact he doesn't give a sh-" I get interrupted by Zayn.

"Skye! I do kinda care." He mutters.

I start to laugh and walk passed him and go towards the garage. I hear everyone yelling at me but I keep walking. I get to the garage and open the door. I see a whole wall of different types and sizes of guns, and a punching bag in the corner. I grab one of the small ones that you usually see a cop have. I know your wondering why do I want a gun? Well I want them to train me so I could use it. I want to show them the side of me they didn't think exists. I know I'm going kinda crazy, but you would to if you found out your dad isn't even your dad at all and your real dad has enemies coming after me! I load the gun and point to the target on the wall. I aim to it and press the trigger, it hit right where I wanted it to. I put it in my pocket and go to the door. I open it and see them all piled up in the door way. All of them look pissed.

I say sarcastically, "What?" Louis sighs and slaps me right across the face. I look at him in fear cause I just realized I just shot a gun at a target, i was being horrible to them, and I have a freaking gun in my pocket.

With shaky hands I take the gun out of my pocket and hand it to them and say quietly, "I'm sorry, I lost it. I'm just scared."  

I walk past them and go out the door and sit on the porch. I hear them talking in there but I really don't want to hear anything else I'm not suppose to hear. I sit on the porch and think about everything, how I have been acting, what has been happening, what is gonna happen. Maybe I should just run. But it wouldn't help, they would just find me. I think I was wrong I'm not strong enough for all of this. I'm just going against something way over my head. I hate this situation. I get out my phone and call Josh. I tell him to pick me up and Louis's and he agrees. He is there in minutes, I look in the window to see if anyone is watching. I start to run to Josh's car. I open and get into it and he sees my teary eyes. He wipes off the tears and kisses my cheek and says, "I missed you"

I nod then he kisses my forehead. We start to drive away. I start to think how bad of an idea this is but I really need someone who isn't involved in this gang stuff. We get to my actual house. He opens the door for me and we start to walk to the door. I knock and my mom answers and smiles and hugs me tightly but I don't hug back. I coldly walk passed and bring Josh upstairs and close the door behind me. I lay down on the bed and Josh lays beside me. I hear stuff being thrown at my window. I get off the bed and go to the window and see Harry and Liam with rocks in their hands. They motion me to come down there but I say no and go back in bed and slowly fall asleep in Josh's arms.

Harry's P.O.V.

After Skye leaves the window Liam tells me that Josh's car is here. I get furious and run up to the door. I tell Skye's mom it's us and she lets us go upstairs. We open the door and see Skye asleep on Josh. I run up to him but he put his finger over his mouth and smiles evilly at us. He gently slides off the bed without waking her. He stands up and two men appear out of the shadows. They stand behind Josh and he says quietly, "Tell Simon to get the money ready or his poor daughter will have some fun with us."

I start to think about every thing he could do to her, it starts to make me sick.  I charge at her about to grab her but then two guns point at her. I stiffen and Josh smiles. One of his men tie her legs and arms, without waking her. He also puts a pill in her mouth to keep her from waking up. The other guy has tow guns pointed at me and Liam's head. We sit down like instructed as the man holding Skye threw her over to Josh. They sit her in a chair right in front of us. They put a piece of duct tape over her mouth and Josh slaps her face countless times making me flinch everytime. I look at Josh when he finishes in disgust. He laughs and opens the window. He grabs Skye and throws her down to another guy outside. Josh comes back and says, "You think that is bad? You haven't seen anything yet. Your poor Skye will be barely lifeless when we get through with her." 


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