International Spy Boarding School, Peachy

When your James Bond'd daughter your life ain't normal. But add that and a couple shakes of evil, a dash of danger, and a sprinkle of romance, and you get a mess. Im Alexia Bond, and well my life is one big well I dont even know. Maybe a certain spy can help me. But remember 007, I am 006 and I like my martinis shaken and stirred.


2. Morning blondie


Ibl was running though a building I didnt reconize. The floor and ceiling were a sparking white, even the Orbits gum girl would have been jealous. I felt anxious and scared, running down the hall I heard heavy foot steps behind me, I whirled around the floor was covered in splotches of red. I looked down and saw a red bleeding hole in my stomach. The pain suddenly hit me. I hit the floor writhing in pain. My emerald eyes searched the white celing. I heard the foot prints come closer......

"Your going to die, he's gone, you are alone." I closed my eyes waiting for the final blow, but it didnt come I looked up and saw a handsome person my age tackling a larger middle aged man with a knife. The man kicked the middle aged man in the stomach.

"Run, Run Lex!" I got up in so much pain but the fear helped me move. I looked back at the fight as i leaned myself against the wall. I didn't reconize him, I knew the older man was some mob boss, but my eyes were locked on the man my age. He was dressed in a ack suit with the logo of my school on it, but I've never seen him before I would've remembered. He was handsome, easily couldv'e been a model for some big company. His tan skin clashed on the black and blue of the schools unifrom and the whites of the walls, sharp gray eyes stared into my own. His messy longish black hair in a fringe that came to brushing those extraordinary gray eyes. He mouthed 'Run' again. I felt as if i couldn't move without him, as if I loved him.... but I dont even know him! A gun-shot went off, I saw dots dance in my vison and heard his voice "NO!" then nothing.....


I jolted up in bed. A thin layer of sweat covered my body, I sat up and rubbed the sleep out of my eyes. I glanced at the clock and groaned. My clock informed me that it was 5:30am, great another night of no sleep. I untagled myself from the sheets on the bed, I stood up and stretched my 5'6 fame. I walked over to the shower connected to my small dorm room given to me by ISBS.                                                                                                                                                                                                                  For those of you who know it well lucky you, you can ignore this part, for those of you who don't well buckle up. The ISBS is a large underground structure located somewhere near Romania, it contains the worlds first class spies in training. Some of the more well known names here are Powers, The Black Widow, Hawkeye and lastly Bond. We are the children of the great spies you see in movies....But those movies? They are based on true stories not just stories case files.                                                                                                                  Austin Powers one of the, um somethings. You know the hippie spy from the 80's with the bad teeth and always said 'Groovy Baby'. Sadly, he had a daughter....Marissa Powers, well Marissa scares us all. I do mean that too. She has her dads bad teeth, really bad skin, shes short, and has an afro of blonde hair. She is so hyper I swear I just wanna bang her adorable little head on a desk. I mean really, at 7 in the morning without coffee how can she be so awake? The Widow, she had a son, but no ones seen him he goes to some public school and works with the Russian Intelligence Agencies.  Hawkeye, lovely (note that was draped in sarcasm) cranky old man, His son was a real piece of work. Typical boy-next-door, Blonde hair blue eyes and the intellegence of a rock. He was only in the ISBS because of his brute force and his family.

007- The imfamous number. The spy that changed the world, the spy loved by millions, the spy who is so handsome and attractive and the spy who likes his martinis 'Shaken not Stirred'. James Bond. And well James Bond is my father. I am Alexia Bond but everyone calls me Lex. My best friend is Nathan or Nat Eye, He is a adorable little ginger! Now that you know the ISBS back to my heactic life.

I padded my way into the small blue bathroom, I started the water I quickly undressed and jumped in, humming along to Of Mice & Men's O.G.Loko. Ten minutes later I was wrapped in a plushy towel and looking in the mirror. My own emerald green eyes, pale face and blonde wavy hair stared back with a tired expression. I quickly dried my blonde hair into its natural waves that reached my tiny waist. I walked over to my closet still clutching the towel around me because of the early morning chill. Damn I left a window open again. I opened the small closet and laid out my schools uniform. A white button down with a black jacket with two guns crossing on the left side over it and a black tie, a black skirt that came to about 3-4 inches above my knees with black lace stockings (my improvement to the uniform) and black tie up 3 inch heels. I flopped down in my desk chair and looked at the clock, sadly it was only 6:00 school didnt start till seven. Well I guess i have time to do my makeup. I opened the little plastic vanity with a lighted mirror inside and started with eyeliner. After fixing my hair and eye makeup I grabbed my books and key and walk out locking the door behind me. I walked down the dark halls toward the boys dorm sections to wake up Nate or he'd be late....again.

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