Should Have Died ....

We weren't supposed to live. We jumped off that bridge to escape this world. We did but They send us right back to try to live a happy life. Who is They? They are the immortals. They saved us and brought us back, but we were different, now we were immortals. Who is We? We is Me, Skylar, and Teagan, my best friend ...


2. The Flat

We were sent to an small flat for us to share in London. I was "Irish" and Teagan was "British". We had heavy accents. The apartment was already set up. It had 2 rooms, 1 bathroom, 1 kitchen, and a living room. It our rooms set up already. Teagan's room had a bunch of Hunger Games stuff, which was ironic since she was such a big fan. Her room had a black bedspread. The curtains were orange, and the walls were off white. There were a bunch of posters on the wall, and there was a small flat screen on the wall. The we went to my room. It was total hipster. I had a tie dye bedspread, with a cute teddy bear. The walls were pink in my room. I had 2 posters, one said Keep Calm And Carry On and the other one was of Katy Perry. There was a small flat screen on the wall, too. The bathroom was big. A big shower, a toilet, and sink. The walls were white tiles. The curation was blue and the floor mat was a matching blue. The living room had a big tv with a brown leather couch with a beige wall. The kitchen had a grey fridge and a stove on one side. On the other side was a pantry, a microwave, and sink. The walls were marble tile. We found money on the granite counter to buy clothes, but first we settled in and watched 21 Jump Street. 

sorry for the short & boring chapter i have writer's block

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