Should Have Died ....

We weren't supposed to live. We jumped off that bridge to escape this world. We did but They send us right back to try to live a happy life. Who is They? They are the immortals. They saved us and brought us back, but we were different, now we were immortals. Who is We? We is Me, Skylar, and Teagan, my best friend ...


1. The Beginning

Chapter 1. The Beginning 


I hated life. Seeing it through Human Eyes. Everything seemed displeasing. Especially, when your always the worst. Especially when your me. Brooke Alcott, 15, brown wavy hair and brown eyes. I was a typical ugly girl. I wore hoodies and skinny jeans, like everyone else, but I was just more ugly. I hated myself, nobody else had a problem with me. Then theirs Rose McLue, 15, red straight hair and blue eyes. Total tumblr girl. Everyone didn't like her. We both hated being alive so we got along really well. Six years of being best friends, and then we decided to leave. We jumped of the bridge. The Golden Gate Bridge, to be exact. Did we jump off that one for attention? No, thats where we live, San Fran .    You think you would find a "white light", but you don't, it's blue. And its not pleasing, it burns your eyes. Rose and me held hands and jumped. We saw the blue light together, it wasn't just my imagination, it was real. When you reach it you fall into a flower field. Rose and I just stood there, in awe. Then a beautiful women approached, and said, "Welcome to the After Life." She motioned us to follow her, so we did, still holding hands. She led us to an old man. He said, "You to are in big trouble, you left life, and didn't live in well. We are sending you back." Rose started to flip out, and she said, "But I don't want to! You can't make me go!' 'You will be different, new life, and it will be better. You will be leaving soon." He said, ignoring Rose. HE kept going, "You will need to have your Transformation. Aphrodite, go take them to take care of that. " "Yes, Zues." she replied. I guess the greeks were right about Gods and Goddesses.    Aphrodite took us to a room with an old computer. She said, 'You will be different, much different. For starters, your name, Brooke, your name is now Skylar, or Sky, as a nickname. Rose your name is now Teagan. You guys, to please you, will choose how you look. Skylar, you can take a seat at the computer, Teagan you'll have to watch until it is your turn." I sat down and the computer was already set up. Aphrodite said, "She that girl in the picture, that is you. Change yourself, it's kind of like a dress up game." I started and changed my wavy brown hair to curly blonde hair. I also changed the length from Shoulder length to Hip length. I also made myself fit. I then changed my eye color to blue. I was somewhat tan, and I made my self rather pale. It just seemed right. I finished and it looked pretty. Aphrodite said to click the APPLY button, so I did. It made me dizzy and I passed out. I woke up seconds later in the character I dressed up!    Teagan then sat down, and made herself. She made it Black straight Hair to her belly button, then she gave herself hazel eyes. She gave herself a nice tan, and since she already was rather fit she just gave herself bigger boobs. Typical Teagan. Then she made herself a bit shorter since she was rather tall. She then pressed APPLY and she passed out. She transformed.    Aphrodite let us to another two people. Aphrodite said it was Athena and Poseidon. Aphrodite left and Athena started talking, "You guys are now immortal, but yo aren't goddesses. You are say, creatures. Sky, you are a vampire, it fits you best. Teagan, you are a - " then Poseidon interrupted her. He said, " A mergirl. " Teagan said, "A mermaid you mean?" " no, you only turn in to a mermaid while wet, so its called a mergirl."    They then sent us away, to London. To start the new life, that we didn't want.
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