One Direction imagines <3

It's just imagine if you want one comment or tweet your name,what boy,and what you what it to be about. :-) twitter: directioner0504


1. Liam <3

Imagine:Liam has been on tour for about 2 months.This is the longest you guys have been away from each-other,and to make it worse his birthday is coming up.You really miss him so you text Lou and he sets up a place to meet so you can surprise Liam.When you finally arrive at this mystery place you see Liam running to you.Before you know it his warm soft lips are pushed up against yours."Liam I'm so sorry.I didn't get you a present yet.I was just so excited.I for-" you got cut off by Liam kissing you again.When you break he looks deep into eyes with a smile on his face "(y/n),I love you Forever and always.Never leave me again."

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