One Direction imagines <3

It's just imagine if you want one comment or tweet your name,what boy,and what you what it to be about. :-) twitter: directioner0504


7. Imagine for Shelby <3

Imagine:You had just finished your makeup when the door bell rang. "Shelby! Your date is here." your mom yelled up the stairs at you."okay mom!"you say putting on your shoes.Taking a deep breath you slowly walk down the steps. Niall's eyes lit up. "Wow you look beautiful." He said opening the door and leading you to the car.You finally arrive at prom. You were so nervous you were shaking. "Clam down Shelby,I got you." He said taking your hand. "Niall, I just don't feel right going in there." "Fine.We will have our own prom." "What are you talking about niall?" ignoring your question he drives off.He parks the car beside a beautiful pond.He gets out,and opening your door to help you out."But Niall there's no music and I want to dan........." Niall cut you off with a kiss. "Just come on. Trust me" Niall took your hand leading you to the deck. He held you close while swaying back and forth while he sang softly into your ear.

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