One Direction imagines <3

It's just imagine if you want one comment or tweet your name,what boy,and what you what it to be about. :-) twitter: directioner0504


9. Imagine for Nanda <3

Imagine: :"Louis I hate when you drink! You're such a jerk when you drink! "Well if I'm such a fucking jerk Nanda how about I'm breaking up with you!" He screams in your face before slamming the door and speeding off in his car. As you hit the ground with tears falling from your eyes you get a call from niall you choose to ignore it since he will just talk about louis. Finally you pick yourself up and go to bed. You hear Louis  knocking and yelling to let him in.

Ignoring him he stops.

soon you fall asleep crying. Waking up you check your phone. 25 missed calls and 37 messages from Louis. All apologizing for and saying how much he loves you. Putting the phone down you open the door to go get the mail. You see Louis asleep on the porch. Jumping a little hearing you open the door. "Nanda Hear me out!" He says getting up from the ground. He takes your hand looking into your eyes. "I love you more than life itself. I'm nothing without you,I won't drink again Just please take me back? Please Please please? I just don't know what I would do without you in my life." he pleads with tears pouring out of his eyes. You have never seen Louis like this. "of course Lou Lou! I love you with all my heart." you say hugging him. "Now get inside you're freezing." pulling him inside he says "I'd freeze to  death just for you"  "I love you lou" " I love you to Nanda. more than anything."

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