One Direction imagines <3

It's just imagine if you want one comment or tweet your name,what boy,and what you what it to be about. :-) twitter: directioner0504


8. Imagine for Jamie <3

Imagine: It had been a long day. You were exhausted. Just wanting to go home and take a nap. As you are walking down the street to your house. Your roommate texted you asking to pick up some eggs. Sighing  you walk to the store. Finally you get to the store and reach for the carton of eggs. A hand touched yours. Looking up you see a perfect boy with bright blue eyes that put the stars to shame,and blonde hair.His thick Irish accent spoke. "Sorry love you should have them." "Thank you uhhh..." "Niall" he spoke "and yours?" "Jamie any way thanks for the eggs" "wait Jamie you owe me for the eggs." he said with a smirk on his face "what?" you say a little takin' back that he wanted you to pay him something. "how about a date?" he finally says with a nervous look. "ok niall that sound like fun" You give him your number and walk home smiling.     

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