One Direction imagines <3

It's just imagine if you want one comment or tweet your name,what boy,and what you what it to be about. :-) twitter: directioner0504


2. Hazza <3

Imagine:"Oh really harry,If you think it's so stupid then just leave!"He winced at you calling him Harry.You have never called him that. You usually call him something like hazza haz or har-bear."You run to your shared bedroom with him chasing you.While you started throwing his stuff at him. "Damn it (y/n),I didn't mean it that way!" "What the hell did you mean by those girls are so stupid letting the bullies get to them?" You had lost your best friend to suicide so it was a huge deal to you. "(y/n) I didn't think it would have mattered so much to you.I'm so sorry" he said going in to hug you.You fight back just a little Then you break down crying into his chest explaining the whole thing to him.

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