Love Struck

Jordyn and Harry have been best friends forever. Jordyn has a huge crush on Harry, and Harry has a huge crush on her. But they dont know about each others feelings yet. But what Jordyn doesn't know is that one of her other best friends, Niall, and Harry, are going to end up fighting over her. But Jordyn doesn't like Niall in that way back. So when Niall and Harry both find out that they both like her, who will win her over? Harry, or Niall? An interesting, breath-stealing and have to read story!!


39. Jordyn's POV:

Jordyn's POV:

**The Next Morning**

I woke up, stretching out. I opened my eyes and found Niall sitting right beside me.

"Good morning, princess." He whispered.

I smiled. "Morning. Where's everyone else?"

"They all went upstairs. I was going to go with them, but I told them I'll just wait down here with you. You know. In case you think everyone left."

"Yeah, I know."

"Did you sleep well?" He said, tucking a loose strand of hair behind my ear.

"Not really, no. I was really scared of Paranormal Activity, and we were up really late to back it up."

"Oh, I'm sorry."

"That's fine. It's not your fault."

"I know," he kissed me on the cheek. "Want to go upstairs?"


I walked up the stairs, greeted by Louis yelling "she's up!" I laughed and sat down at the kitchen table next to Harry, who had a smirk on his face.

He reached for my hand, and I locked my fingers with his, but I didn't let anyone see it...especially Niall. He'll be so mad.

Pretty soon, I moved closer to Harry, with our entwined hands on his lap. He rubbed the top of my hand with his thumb, slightly biting his lip.

I quickly let go once we all got up and went downstairs again. I got my stuff ready, and Grace left.

"Hey Jordyn, do you need a ride home? I have my car here." Harry told me.

"Oh, no thanks. Niall offered to give me a ride home. Thanks anyways."

"Ok..." He said, looking down. 

Pretty soon, he was leaving too.

"Bye, guys." He said, pecking me on the cheek (not letting Niall see) and walked out the door.

"Ready to go, Jordyn? I already put my stuff in the car." Niall soon asked me.

"Yeah. Thanks, Louis for the party. I had so much fun." I told Louis.

"Yeah, thanks Lou." Niall followed.

"You're welcome. See you guys on Monday!"

"You too!" I said, heading out the door with Niall.

"Here, let me get that for you." He said, taking my pillow from my arm.


He then drove me home. Neither of us said a word.


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