Love Struck

Jordyn and Harry have been best friends forever. Jordyn has a huge crush on Harry, and Harry has a huge crush on her. But they dont know about each others feelings yet. But what Jordyn doesn't know is that one of her other best friends, Niall, and Harry, are going to end up fighting over her. But Jordyn doesn't like Niall in that way back. So when Niall and Harry both find out that they both like her, who will win her over? Harry, or Niall? An interesting, breath-stealing and have to read story!!


20. Jordyn's POV:

Jordyn's POV:

"Harry, please. Let me explain what just happened!" I yelled ahead of me at Harry. I knw he doesn't want to lose me, but it's kind of his fault for not letting me explain. 

"Why? So you can explain that we broke up?" He yelled back at me.

"No. I just said that I can explain what just happened in there. Please listen to me."

He turned around, took my hand, and led me outside where we weren't visible from other people. He slammed me against the wall with his hands on my shoulders, with his head down.

"Do you truthfully love me?" He asked, his voice a lot quieter.

"Yes. And I'm telling the truth."

"How do I know for sure?"

"You can do whatever you want to prove it. My love for you hasn't changed."

"Then tell me what just happened."

"Niall wrapped me in a hug as we both slow danced. I thought he was way too close, so I tried to pull away a little, because I didn't want you to get mad. I tried to get his attention to loosen up a little bit. But when he looked at me, he all of the sudden leaned in, without giving me any time to pull away. I didn't want to kiss him. He kissed me. I tried to get out of it, but he wouldn't loosen his grip."

"How do I know you're not telling me a lie? Stop lying, Jordyn. Tell me the truth!" He yelled, making me jump.

"That is the truth! For the millionth time!"

"No, it's not! I can tell by the look in your eyes. Why are you lying to me?"

I'm so frustrated, I started crying. He just doesn't get it.

"I'm not lying to you. I swear." I held my face in my hands, letting the tears escape me. "You just don't get it. Please don't hurt me."

He didn't let go of my shoulders. But I saw him hang his head, looking at the ground. 

"Jordyn...I'm sorry, I didn't really realize what I got myself into. I could never yell at you. I didn't mean to make you cry."

I wiped tears away from my eyes as I talked. "I'm only crying because you don't get it. I would never lie to you. I don't lie to anyone."

"Except for Niall."

"Yeah, but it's not a lie anymore. He knows about us."

"Oh, god...what are we going to do now? He's going to be devastated."

"He already is."

"Here, I'll go talk to him. You stay here, Jordyn."

"No, Harry...let me go. I think he'll listen to me to hear what I have to say."

"But why would he listen to you more than me? I've been his friend longer than you have."

"I know. But he likes me. me in the front. Then we can go home and pretend this never happened. Ok?"

"Ok. Are we forgiven?" He asked.

"Yes, we are." I said before I pecked him on the lips and gave him a hug. "I'm sorry, too."

He hugged me back, tight. "That's ok. I think it was mostly me. I didn't really see the story from your point of view."

"It's fine." I muttered against his shoulder.

He rubbed my back and rocked me slowly, just like Niall did with the music. But this time, Harry's the one who's kissing my neck. And...he kept kissing it. I love this boy.

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