Love Struck

Jordyn and Harry have been best friends forever. Jordyn has a huge crush on Harry, and Harry has a huge crush on her. But they dont know about each others feelings yet. But what Jordyn doesn't know is that one of her other best friends, Niall, and Harry, are going to end up fighting over her. But Jordyn doesn't like Niall in that way back. So when Niall and Harry both find out that they both like her, who will win her over? Harry, or Niall? An interesting, breath-stealing and have to read story!!


3. Jordyn's POV:

Jordyn's POV:

I need to get away from my house. I don't really want to go to school, but it's at least away from home. My grandparents came over this weekend because my parents were both on business. I was obviously mad to 'not be old enough to stay home by myself for the weekend.' I'm almost seventeen and a half. I've stayed home alone longer than a weekend before. Well, I truthfully stayed home for the weekend and then I went to Grace's for a few days, but still. Maybe it's because they live halfway across the country that I never get to see them that much anymore...since I'm the only grandchild who doesn't live in Wisconsin.

I was yanked out of my thoughts when I saw Harry's car pull up in my driveway. I smiled, grabbed my bag and headed out the door. Even though it's Monday today, I was happy to get away from my grandparents. I do really love them..but they are so annoying sometimes. They don't really let me do anything fun because they're idea of 'fun' is watching old 80's movies all day with each other. They tried to get me to join but I of course refused. I'd much rather see a more modern movie with Harry anyways. That is...if he would ever ask me out. Oh my god, I would die.

"Hey, Jordyn. How was your weekend?" Harry asked me once I got into the passenger seat, by his side. He was wearing a white t-shirt with baggy athletic shorts...practically what he always wears. His soothing scent filled the whole car: fresh cologne with a little bit of a minty smell. He smells so good.

"It was really long. My grandparents came to town because my parents were away on business, and my weekend was so boring. I actually want to go to school today. Isn't that surprising?"

"Yeah...I would think you would want to stay home today, since I know you. But now I can definitely see the difference."

I giggled. I opened my mouth to say something, but I was dead silent, staring into his emerald green eyes. I shut my mouth. I reached my hand up to his hair, running my fingers through it. He always catches me off guard and I just have to run my hand through his perfect curls. I love the feel of them on my fingertips and I can never tell myself to stop. Sometimes it's at the most awkwardest times. He would try to ask me a question and I wouldn't answer at all. He would look me in the eye and would almost hypnotize me into it. One time, he actually closed his eyes, like I was comforting him. That day...I really thought something would happen between us...but of course, I let my hopes get to high and it hurt me. Again.

God, I love you Harry. I just wish you could see.

I was soon stopped by the silence in the car...I realized he hasn't started the car yet.

"Um...we should probably go pick up Niall." I say as I practically force myself to take my hand away. I could have swore I saw pain flash across his face...but it was only for a second, if it was actually real. Maybe I was just exaggerating.

"Yeah." He says as he starts the car. We didn't say a word to each other after that.

I really want to date him. I want to run my hand through his hair whenever I want to, so I can have an excuse. I want to hug him and kiss him whenever I want...I want him to hug me and kiss me, I want him to call me his and put his arm loosely around me, I want him to tell me he loves me whenever he wants to. Someday...he's going to beg me not to leave him, he's going to cry over a guy trying to hit on me...


Someday he will.

When I looked at him, he was looking right at me. When I quickly jerked away, he chuckled. I joined him, but I didn't say anything afterwards.

I was relieved when we got to Niall's house. I need some sort of company right now. Normally me and Harry would talk a lot, we would talk about each other's plans for the weekend, or we would joke about something and just do what we would normally do. 

But I hate when Harry doesn't talk to me.

He makes the whole situation awkward and I can't trust my voice to say anything. And he wouldn't say anything either, so it's like I'm practically begging for someone else to be there with me. And half of the time, I'm trying to persuade him. I'm trying to get him to like me so I can ask him out. I try not to be weird around him, but that's hard considering we're friends.

Sometimes I feel comfortable around him, other times I think I'm a little too weird around him, and it's the most awkwardest thing in the world.

Niall walked out of his door and walked toward the car. He was wearing a white t-shirt with jean shorts. He had his red and white snapback on...the one he always wears, his blonde hair tucked above his right eyebrow. He smiled when he saw me look at him.

"Hey, guys," he said once he got into the backseat.

"Hey, Niall," me and Harry say in unison.

"Ready for the test today?"

I immediately turned to face him. There's a test today?

"What? What test?"

"You know...the math test?"

"No...oh god, I'm going to fail."

"How do you know? And didn't you study, considering you normally do?"

"No. If I wouldn't have forgotten I would've studied."

"Oh...well it doesn't really matter anyways. Who studies for math tests?" Niall playfully hit me on the shoulder as we both laughed. Harry just kept his eyes on the road.

When we pulled into the parking lot of Wolfridge High, Harry dropped me and Niall off at the front door as usual. 

"See you in homeroom?" Harry asked me, almost desperately. Like he doesn't want anything to happen to me. He stared into my blue eyes.

I nodded before I walked into the building, Niall loosely putting his arm around my shoulder's. I couldn't help but lay my head on his shoulder as we both walked inside. He is so sweet.

Harry's POV:  

I'm so sick of Niall hogging her from me. He's always finding a way to somehow touch her. 

I just want it to be me and her in every class. Like her and Niall. I'm so jealous. I try not to show it in front of them, but inside, i explode. 

I really don't want to be at school today. I want to spend the weekend with Jordyn. I want to hug and kiss her to death. I want to have long talks with her. I want to go on dates with her. I want to date her. I want her. Every beautiful  feature. Her hair, her eyes, her smile, her laugh, her touch, her. Just her. 

When ever me and her make eye contact, my heart always jumps. When ever she lightly pecked me on the cheek, i would smile for hours and hours. It feels like i'm on the top of the world with her.

It feels like i can spread my arms wide and wait for her to come running to me. But I know that will never happen unless I make a move.

I walked to my locker, but i kept a close eye on Jordyn. Her locker was right behind mine, meaning there was another set of lockers behind me, and her's is one of them. Why did she just do that? Did she like Niall, too? i don't want her to, but i think she does. 

I never feel as close to them any more. When i met Jordyn last year, I had every class with her. Now, Niall does. It's like she completely forgot about what we had. It's like she moved on.

I grabbed my stuff for first and second hour and headed to homeroom. Ugh. I wish i was Niall. I wish i could spend every minute of every day with Jordyn, and be able to make Niall jealous. I think i love her a lot more than Niall. It was literallly love at first sight when i met her. I wish i would have asked her out when i had the chance.

Actually, i do now.

She's my friend, and i'm comfortable talking to her about anything, and she'd understand. I think im going to...tomorrow. I can't really today because...

"Hey, Jordyn." I said once i saw Jordyn head down on her desk. 

She immediately shot her head up. "What, Harry? Geez, you scared me."


"That's fine. I'm just so tired."

"Think how i feel. I was up all night thanks to my sister."

She giggled. "Why?"

"She was watching TV, and i think she purposely turned it up. So i wasn't able to get much sleep last night."

"How does your sister watch tv all night? I have to have some sleep on a school night. I don't know how she does it."

"Yeah, i know. I mean, i had to go in her room every hour to tell her to turn it off."

"That's too bad," She mumbled. "I had such a long weekend. I'm actually happy to be back at school. My grandparents came over and they are so boring and slow...."

"Yeah, i know! Remember when you met my grandparents that one time?"

"Yeah! No offense, but i feel bad for you. They're slower than mine."

"Oh, i don't care. I get that a lot. They are really slow. They're always so demanding, and they want to do something really old like listening to 80's music..." I went on.

"Don't you hate that? My grandparents do the exact same thing. And when i tell them i'm going to play on my iPhone, they always say 'only for 10 minutes!' "

"Yeah. They always suggest something not fun to do. See, i always ask them if i could go hang out with you guys, but they always go on and on about how they never see me and stuff like that. It gets so annoying."

"I know."


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