Love Struck

Jordyn and Harry have been best friends forever. Jordyn has a huge crush on Harry, and Harry has a huge crush on her. But they dont know about each others feelings yet. But what Jordyn doesn't know is that one of her other best friends, Niall, and Harry, are going to end up fighting over her. But Jordyn doesn't like Niall in that way back. So when Niall and Harry both find out that they both like her, who will win her over? Harry, or Niall? An interesting, breath-stealing and have to read story!!


41. Harry's POV:

Harry's POV:

**The Next Day**

Once I got to Jordyns house, I checked to see if her parents weren't there, and that she was home. It turned out exactly the way I planned it.

I started to play my guitar, hoping she will come out. And sure enough, she did when I started singing. 

"Shut the door, turn the light off,

I wanna be with you. I wanna feel your love.

I wanna lay beside you, I cannot hide this, even though I try.

Heart beats harder, time escapes me, trembling hands

touch skin. It makes this harder, and the tears stream down 

my face..."

I looked up at her, giving her everything I have. She looked down at me like she read my mind, like she knows my pain.

She ran inside, but I didn't give up. She's just coming downstairs.

Sure enough, she did, then she started walking over to me. She stared into my eyes, slight tears forming. She placed one of her hands on my shoulder, making me move closer to her. I looked down at her, not doing anything to try and move away.

"You know I'll be your life, your voice, your reason to be

my love, my heart, is breathing for this moment in time, 

I'll find the words to say, before you leave me today."

I finished singing and quickly took my guitar off, setting it on the ground.

"Oh, Harry..." She mumbled.

"You're not going to cry again, are you?"

"I...I don't know..."

"Because you can if you want to. Don't be afraid," I told her. Please, Jordyn. Cry. Just let it all out. I can know that way. I can know if you still love me.

"Did you write that song for me?"

"Yeah. I spent all day yesterday writing it for you." I said, moving even closer to her.

"That was amazing."

I traced my finger up and down her jawline, soon followed by my hand placed lightly on her neck. I just wish I can kiss her already. I wish she would just take me in her arms, not wanting to let go. I would just let her cry, let her do everything she wants to do. 

"You really want me back...don't you?" She asked me slowly.

"It's more than that. I miss you to much to let you slip away."

She leaned in a little, but then quickly stopped herself. I leaned in more, feeling her breath a little. But then, she jerked her head away.

" should maybe think about going. I have homework to do that I haven't even started yet."

"But I don't want to go. I wanna stay here with you."

"I just...don't want to get distracted. I'm-"

I pulled her in and kissed her. I moved my hand from her neck to her hip, along with my other hand. She wrapped her arms around my neck. 

We kissed for a really long time. I don't want to let her go.


Jordyn's POV:

I'm slowly falling in love with Harry again. But I don't want to break up with Niall because we just got together. I don't want him to be crushed (again) and have him hate me forever. But...just sitting here, kissing Harry is...nice. I haven't kissed him in forever. It feels so different, yet so wonderful.

Why did I ever call Harry a jerk? He's not a jerk. I was just mad at him after we fought. But why did I say yes to going out with Niall? Just because that one kiss on play night? Why did that influence my decision? I want to get back with Harry again. Should I secretly date him? No, that's too much. I don't want to cheat on Niall, but I don't want to just date only Niall, either.

i'm so torn. I know Harry still loves me. I know Niall doesn't want to be crushed. I miss Harry, but I care too much about Niall to break up with him.

I let Harry kiss me...considering he misses me. He slid his hands across my back, locking his fingers together. Oh, Harry. Why did I ever leave you? Because I care about Niall's feelings? I wish I didn't even get involved with Niall. I wish he didn't like me so me and Harry can date without having anybody be bothered. Or jealous. Like Grace and Louis. A perfect relationship.

"Harry-" I mumbled against his lips. He pulled away, resting his forehead on mine.


"Why haven't we paused for air yet? Would we ever do that?"

"No. Because I want to kiss you forever." He said, kissing me again.


"What? Jordyn, I want to kiss you. Just let me kiss you."

"I know. I will. But...should we take this inside?" I asked, leaning in to whisper in his ear. "There are neighbors outside."

"Sure." He said, picking me up and carrying me inside, closing the patio door behind him. He leaned me against the wall, resting his forehead against mine.



"Are we dating again? Or not?"

"Not yet, we're not. I'll tell you when the time is right."

"When the time is right? What?"

"Yeah. I told you I have mixed feelings."

"I want them to be positive. Why can't they be positive? I loved you first."

He pecked me on the lips.

"You know, when we were first going out, you didn't know how to kiss at all." He said.

"Well, I said that I never had my first kiss with anyone before."

"But I taught you well, didn't I?"

"Yeah, you did."

" I get an award?"

"An award?"


"What could you possibly want as an award?"

"To be your boyfriend again...?"

"Harry, I told you. When the time is right."

"When can that time be?" He asked, desperately.

"I don't know."


"Harry, I don't know."

"When? Tomorrow? Next week? When?"

"It's not just me you know. It's partly you, too."

"But what do I have to do with it?"

"You help me determine when the time is right. But it's not now."

"When is it?"

"Just kiss me. You'll find out sooner or later." I whispered against his lips, causing chills to go through his body.

He kissed me, sliding his hands into my back pockets. I placed my hands on his neck, pulling him in closer. I rubbed his neck slowly with my hands.

All I was thinking about was why I ever left him. He looked so hurt, so full of pain and sorrow. And it's all my fault. I should've never broke up with him. We wouldn't be so mad at each other all the time. I wouldn't be feeling so bad. We would even still be together today. But instead, I had to ruin it, break his heart, and hurt his feelings.

I pulled away. "Harry, I'm...I'm sorry."

"For what?"

"For breaking up with you. It's all my fault."

"Jordyn, it's not your fault."

"Yeah, it is. Ever since the breakup, you've been mad at me. And I don't blame you. We would still be together today if I hadn't gotten myself involved. But instead I had to crush your heart. You looked so painful singing that song to me...I just can't."

"Can't what?"

"I can't see you like this. It kills me."

He took me in his arms, bringing me off the wall. I moved my hands to his shoulders. He pulled me in closer, placing a hand on the back of my head, kissing me.

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