Love Struck

Jordyn and Harry have been best friends forever. Jordyn has a huge crush on Harry, and Harry has a huge crush on her. But they dont know about each others feelings yet. But what Jordyn doesn't know is that one of her other best friends, Niall, and Harry, are going to end up fighting over her. But Jordyn doesn't like Niall in that way back. So when Niall and Harry both find out that they both like her, who will win her over? Harry, or Niall? An interesting, breath-stealing and have to read story!!


33. Harry's POV:

Harry's POV:

**1 Week Later**

I can't stand not being with Jordyn any more. I haven't been talking to her that much since we decided to let each other go. And that was years ago, or so it feels like. I absolutely hate this.

But Louis's having a party on Friday, and he invited all 4 of us. Hopefully that gives me a better chance to talk to her. And clear things up with her. This is making me go insane. I miss her like crazy and I hate not saying anything to her. It kills me. 

I also need to talk to her about rumors. I've heard rumors at school that The Irish Twins are going out, as in Niall and Jordyn...because that's what everyone calls them, if they're talking about her and Niall both. Hopefully that's not true. Never in a million years would I let Niall date Jordyn. I loved her first.


Jordyn's POV:

I just started to walk home until I heard Louis call my name. I paused for a second, then spun around.

"Yes?" I asked.

"I'm having a party at my house on Friday night. Are you free?"

"Well, of course I'm free. This is America." I said, nudging him. He laughed.

"No, I you have any plans?"

"No. I'm totally available."

"Great. Come whenever you want, party ends at 11a.m. on Saturday."

"Oh...11? Would you care if I left a little earlier? I have thing, at 11:30," I choked out. Me and Niall secretly have a date at 11:30 on Saturday, and I really don't want Louis to find out. I hate lying to everybody, but it's only if I want to have a better relationship. Better than Harry. Me and him haven't been talking that much anymore. I know he secretly misses me, and he doesn't want to talk to anybody--not even me--about it. 

"Oh yeah, sure. Funny thing. Niall has to leave at the exact same time you do, and he has a dentist appointment." Louis remembered.

"Wow. That is funny. Well, I gotta go. Can't wait!"

I spun back around and walked away, quickly. God, that was close. Hopefully no one will find out about me and Niall. I don't want to run into the same thing I did with Harry.

I think I'm done with Harry, anyways. Done as in...never dating him again.

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