Love Struck

Jordyn and Harry have been best friends forever. Jordyn has a huge crush on Harry, and Harry has a huge crush on her. But they dont know about each others feelings yet. But what Jordyn doesn't know is that one of her other best friends, Niall, and Harry, are going to end up fighting over her. But Jordyn doesn't like Niall in that way back. So when Niall and Harry both find out that they both like her, who will win her over? Harry, or Niall? An interesting, breath-stealing and have to read story!!


15. Harry's POV:

Harry's POV:

"You're welcome." I said, kissing Jordyn slowly and passionately. God, i loved her. The feeling this kiss brought me was the feeling when i first kissed her. 

I kissed her for a while, then she pulled away. I just remembered....the Valentine's Day dance is tomorrow. Should i ask her to go?

"Hey, listen. There's this party coming up at the YMCA for Valentine's Day tomorrow. Do you think you want to go with me?" Yep. Apparently i just asked her.

"Yes, i would love to go. Can we maybe...triple date? Lou and Grace could come, and Niall can find someone, too...?"

"You know that Niall likes you too?"

"Yeah...? Why does that make a difference?"

"Because remember? He doesn't know that we're dating."

"So you can just say that you already asked me and i said yes."

"But then he'd figure it out."

"Then you can just say we're going as friends."

"Ok, but i doubt he's going to find someone in such short notice."

"Then, maybe he can just come with us and you and him can switch off dancing with me or something."

"Ok, then. I'll ask him."

"Great. I'll ask Louis and Grace."

We spent the rest of the day kissing, hugging, chasing each other around the park, and looking up at the starry night. This is the best date I've ever been on. It's also the only date I've ever been on, but i still had so much fun. It's with the girl i loved more than infinity.

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