I contradict myself in everything I do, every poem I write, and every answer I give, They tell us our opinion matters. But, how can it if we live in a world that constantly changes? How can it when you feel like you are stuck in that world and you're always two steps behind the others? How can it when you feel like you're older, more mature, wiser, when you feel different from everyone around you? It matters because everyone's different in every way, shape, and form you can think of. Why should that limit us? We're all different. We shouldn't brought down because of it. Besides, doesn't being different, makes us all the same?
Poems by: Jessica and Aparupa
Cover by: CorkyPorky


9. The Girl

The girl,

She thought no one was listening,

To her many screams.

She fell hard,

Through the pain and misery.


The girl never knew,

What to do in this situation.

Bottling her pain,

Was her only solution.


The girl consulted her friends,

When times were hard.

The girl only,

Saw the dark.


The girl had a friend,

Who knew her pain.

Who knew the sadness,

Coming her way.


The girl couldn't take it,

Her life she wanted to end.

The girl wouldn't even,

Listen to her friend.


The girl had cried,

One to many times.

The girl could never,

See the light.


The girl gave up hope,

When she needed it the most.

Someone to talk to,

Never did arose.


Then one day,

The girl found hope.

She remembered her friend,

The one she needed the most.


As the days got longer,

The girl's struggles got smaller.

She realized she was valued,

Among all the others.


To this day,

The girl's tale hasn't ended.

Quite the opposite,

It is just beginning.














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