I contradict myself in everything I do, every poem I write, and every answer I give, They tell us our opinion matters. But, how can it if we live in a world that constantly changes? How can it when you feel like you are stuck in that world and you're always two steps behind the others? How can it when you feel like you're older, more mature, wiser, when you feel different from everyone around you? It matters because everyone's different in every way, shape, and form you can think of. Why should that limit us? We're all different. We shouldn't brought down because of it. Besides, doesn't being different, makes us all the same?
Poems by: Jessica and Aparupa
Cover by: CorkyPorky


29. Haikus

Five syllables first

That is what we must include

But I don't want to.


I can't write this poem

Don't know what to write about

So I fall asleep.


Sitting in class

Listening to the gossip

I hate all this hate.


The blinds are closed

To keep out the snowy day

Watch it fade away.


The test tomorrow

I didn't know

I didn't study.


People can help us

But people can also harm

Should I trust or not?



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