Chance Encounters

Two girls, best friends, Leah and Jade, moved to London for school and decided to get tatted up. Never believed that one tiny shop would change there lives just because one little thing they like to call chance encounters.


6. Your A** is toast


"Jesus I love guitar if I had my choice I would play it all the time and bring it everywhere I go" I told Niall about my singing and how I write my own songs. 

"i feel the same way about my guitar too" I laughed he seemed nervous and you would think that I would seem nervous about being with him. Niall and I were talking when two girls about my age walked in and glared at me. 

"Look there is two whores with our men" I shot up when they said this 

"What the fuck did you just say?" i was about to beat some serious ass 

"I said that you were a whore. Do you have anything to say about it. " 

"Actually yeah I will for real make you regret that you ever said that" 

"Aww look she thinks she is gonna do something to us" That was it

"Okay listen bitch you can call me a whore all you want but once you call her a whore your ass is toast" I balled my fist 

"Oh in that case she is a raging slutty whore" i couldn't take it anymore I lunged at her. i grabbed her hair and punched her in the face knocking her to the ground, i got on top of her punching the shit out of her. 

"Hey Leah stop your going to hurt her" I heard Niall say and I automatically got up. She held her face crying. 

"If he wasn't here your ass would have been in the hospital don't ever call my best friend a slut or a whore got it" She shook her head frantically.

"you will be sorry" the other girl said to Jade and she threw her hands up as if Jade was going to hit her and they both ran away scared. Harry and Niall looked at me in shock.

"What the hell was that all about" Harry asked 

"She called Jade a whore and Jade has been through enough and doesn't need to be called something she isn't so i beat the shit out of her . 

'Well that was fucking hot i like a girl who can fight" Niall chimed in. 



There was something about Leah that made my head spin and that made my stomach have butterflies. i asked her if she wanted to come back to our flat to meet the rest of the boys and hangout and she said yes.  I was really excited I got really nervous though. Leah was beautiful she had long brown hair that went to the middle of her back, Hazel eyes and the best part was she wore glasses and had braces just like me ( I KNOW NIALL GOT HIS BRACES OFF BUT IN THIS STORY HE WILL HAVE THEM) she was everything that i looked for in a girl. 

We got to the house and the guys were all sitting in the living room hanging out. 

"Guys Harry and I have some people that we would like you to meet so can you try to act like humans?" They nodded and stood up. 

"This is Leah and Jade we met them at the tattoo shop." They all came up and introduced themselves and what not. 



We all got along really well its like I have known them for my entire life. 

"Do you guys want to play a game?' Louis asked and well I am up for anything as long as it involved these five sex gods. 

"Yeah sure what game?" Leah asked 

"Truth or Dare but if you chicken out of a dare or truth you have to take a shot" Zayn explained


'Oh I am so in" Leah and i both said at the same time. 


















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