Chance Encounters

Two girls, best friends, Leah and Jade, moved to London for school and decided to get tatted up. Never believed that one tiny shop would change there lives just because one little thing they like to call chance encounters.


4. You know as friends?


"So do you like know One Direction?" I asked and the taxi driver looked at me puzzled

"Not personally, what do you think they walk down the streets like normal people? Its not everyday you walk down the street and bump into the queen" 

"Well you don't have to be a rude dick muncher" The cab driver shut up real quick and Jade smirke amusingly. We arrived at our new flat in the heart of my favorite city in England, London. The flat was nice quite big it was already set up the way we described it to the realtor.

"I am hungry boo!" I whined 

"Well lets go get something to eat" 

"TO NANDO'S!" I have been non stop talking about wanting to try Nandos. If you haven't already noticed I am a really big fan of food I will eat anything as long as it is edible. Nando's was about a two minute walk from where we lived. I gasped at the most amazing smells this place was producing fresh chicken. Jade ordered something small and I ordered which took a bit longer. 

"I will have the Peri Peri chicken, 5 chicken wings, and the meal platter" The lady looked at me wide eyed as if she had never seen someone eat  before. While Jade was just starting to eat her meal I have finished everything. She soon finished eating and we decided to walk around the city to see what there was to do when we came across a tattoo shop, Jade stopped me dead in my tracks. 

"Let get tattoos" She half talked half whispered. I followed her in and it was amazing, bright lights were strung about. I sat in the chair looking through the tattoo books set out on the table next to me. 

"What can I do for you today? My name is cain" I stood up and shook his hand firmly. 

"Hey I am Leah and this is Jade, I wanna get a saying underneath my left breast" 

"I wanna get flowers trailing up my ribs" Jade chimed in and he smiled 

"Okay sounds good to me I will sketchup Leahs and Trent over there will do the same but for Jade" We both nodded and went our separate ways. Okay so I may have changed my mind about the saying. 

"So what kind of saying were you thinking about getting?" Cain asked 

"I want it to say ' You have to kiss a lot of frogs before you find your prince with a frog at the bottom" 

"Yeah sure we can so that" Before I knew it there was the sketch being placed underneath my breast. I have to admit I am a bit self conscious about my body but I won't let anyone close enough to me to see. I was not even twenty minutes into the tattoo and the door chime chimes and two boys walk in I can't tell what they look like. I closed my eyes trying to ignore the stupid ass sound of the machine. It wasn't till a few minutes later when I opened my eyes to see Niall Horan sitting in the chair a few feet away from mine waiting to get inked up. I was in the same tattoo shop with NIALL FUCKING HORAN! 

"Everything alright Leah you seemed to have tensed up a bit" I knew why I tensed up, it was because Niall Horan one of my idols in the world was sitting like 3 feet away. 

"Oh yeah everything is great, Just peachy, I think I need to get a drink after this to be perfectly honest" He chuckled

"Hey  Niall long time no see, how've you been ?" Cain asked, Wait Cain knows Niall personally? 

"You know him?"

"Yeah him and Harry come in here a lot but Niall is getting his first tattoo today" I think I just died

"Oh right should have known like everyone on the planet knows who they are" I laughed 

"Is it a problem that we are internationally known?" Harry asked walking in

"Oh um now I am just like you know a little bit of a fan and stuff no biggie" 

"You are thats cool are you from around here?" Niall piped in oh god. What was I going to say to him, he is like a sex god this should be interesting. Leah don't embarrass the shit out of your self. 

"Nope I am from the states, from a small town in Wisconsin" I admitted and truthfully I hated Wisconsin it was small and there was nothing to do within miles of my old house.

 "Oh cool I haven't been to that state yet" I mentally laughed at him 

"You wouldn't want to its boring as shit there isn't anything to do" He laughed oh my god The Niall Horan laughed at me

"Oh haha what are you doing after your done here?" 

"Umm just probably going back to stop at Nando's on the way home and then watch movies" His face lit up 

"Well seems like we are both going to the same place well Nando's" He replied 

"Seems we are" 

"Would you like to like come with me and Harry and we could talk and get to know each other you know as friends

HOLY SHIT NIALL HORAN JUST ASKED ME TO GO TO NANDOS WITH HIM SO WE CAN GET TO KNOW EACH OTHER!!!!!!!!!!!! .............................................................................. 












OH WHAT WILL HAPPEN NEXT ?  like and comment to find out:) 


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