Chance Encounters

Two girls, best friends, Leah and Jade, moved to London for school and decided to get tatted up. Never believed that one tiny shop would change there lives just because one little thing they like to call chance encounters.


5. Would you like to come over?


I was Finally done with my tattoo it looked great. A few minutes after Niall and Harry were done and then Jade came out and showed us hers. Niall got Irish Pride on his chest, Harry got a giant butterfly on his chest and Jade got flowers up her rib cage. (If you wanna see Jade, Niall and Harry's tattoos go to Niall walked up to me and whispered in my ear. 

"Is there any chance of me getting to see that tattoo better?" I chuckled and shook my head 

"In your dreams pretty boy" he grabbed at his shirt as if to symbolize him getting shot in the heart. 

"That hurt" He laughed and we all went out to walk to Nando's 

We walked and talked about life and what we liked to do on our free time. Jade told Niall and Harry about how she taught dance and how I was a vocal coach. 

"So you sing?" Niall asked

"Yeah I love to sing I used to play gigs at like coffee houses and stuff back in the states" Niall nodded approvingly and yeah it was weird I wondered what he thought about when I answered the question. 

"Oh yeah Jade used to do big dance competitions on like TV and stuff back in the states" Harry's eyes grew wide and looked at Jade.

"DAMN you must be flexible as hell" 

"Well I am very flexible" She retaliated back and I knew what she was doing. 

"I would like to see this flexible thing you say you can do" Jade shook her head

"Yeah maybe "  



About 10 minutes after telling the boys what Leah and I did back in the states we reached Nando's, We got  a booth and ordered what we had before the tattoos.

"So Jade what is your favorite style of dancing ?" Harry asked. this boy with surely be the death of me. 

"I would have to say Hip Hop just because of the different emotions you can express when you dance in that style" 

Harry and I had our own little conversation while Niall and Leah had a conversation of their own. I wanted to get to know them more. I felt like I had knew Harry for years that is how good we clicked its almost like we were destined to be friends. 

"Jade you okay?" 

"Hmm yeah oh sorry I was just thinking"  I couldn't tell him what I was thinking that would really scare him off.

"What about?" Shit why do you have to asked me these things?

"oh you know stuff life in general" 

"Oh cool So Jade I was wondering would you like to come back to our flat and hang out with me and the boys." Yes say yes I thought he would never ask 

"Um sure I don't think Leah would mind I mean if you want me to come back with you I wouldn't want to intrude on anything.' 

"You aren't intruding I would be honored to have you at my house" Okay sexy Harry turned into Dorky Harry in 10 seconds flat. But He is still sexy even when he is Dorky. 


There is something about this girl that makes me want to get to know her more. she seems like a total bad ass on the outside but I can tell that she had something happen to her that made her that way and I am determined to find out.



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