Chance Encounters

Two girls, best friends, Leah and Jade, moved to London for school and decided to get tatted up. Never believed that one tiny shop would change there lives just because one little thing they like to call chance encounters.


3. "To Nando's"



The plane ride was so long, all Leah did was sleep. I wish I could sleep but this annoying little boy behind me was being a little shit head and was asking me 101 questions about every little pointless thing in life. The questions ranged from; what is your favorite color?,  What do you wanna be when you get old?, Why do girls have long hair? 


It was so horrible. Finally we landed and still Leah was passed out. I just wanted to get out of this airport and go to the flat and get everything set and then have fun. So I woke up Leah the only way I knew would get an immediate reaction.


"Hey shit head wake up we are here!"


Going like I planned Leah jolted awake and immediately as soon as she noticed how I woke her up she glared at me and smacked me. Man that smack hurt and it was loud, so loud that many heads turned to us giving disapproving looks. 


"Go on with all your lives, there's nothing to see here! And while your at it you might want to take that look off all your faces, its making you look less attractive!" yelled Leah


All I could do was sit there and laugh as the older people on the plane wore a shocked expression.


Soon we were in a cab and headed to the flat we have already paid for and had the furniture set up so that it was easier for us.


Suddenly Leah blurts out to the driver, " So do you like know One Direction?"


The cab driver suddenly laughs and says, " not personally, what do you think they just walk down the streets like normal people. You do know they are famous right?"


"Well duh, who wouldn't, I mean come on just because someone asks you something you don't have to reply so rudely," Leah shot back.


Then it was silent because the driver shut right up after that. The ride was kinda awkward from then on. 


We go to the  flat and unpacked then we didn't want to sit around seeing as it was still early and we were hungry from the flight so we wanted food.


"To Nando's," shouted Leah, dashing out the door acting like she was flying like superman.


I followed saying. " you act like such a child some times, I swear you are worse then the fucking annoying kid behind me on the plane."


She smartly replayed, " But you still love me."




She gave me a shocked, hurt face,but then soon broke out laughing. 


Once we reached Nando's Leah ordered about 10 things because she couldn't decide what to try. I don't know how she can still be so skinny when she eats like that. I mean come on 10 things and not a pound gained, it's ridiculous. Soon after I finished my one thing and noticed Leah already waiting for me,finished all her food already. We wanted to see London and walk the streets of our new home. 


We were walking on one road when we saw a colorful building with a bright sign reading 'TATTOOS' 


It being that we wanted a bit more ink  I got Leah's attention. She has non stop been bugging me to go with her to get more.


"Hey Leah, look tattoos. We should get some. I know you have been talking about getting more."


Her face lit up when she saw the light up sign. And grabbed my hand and dragged me in.

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