Chance Encounters

Two girls, best friends, Leah and Jade, moved to London for school and decided to get tatted up. Never believed that one tiny shop would change there lives just because one little thing they like to call chance encounters.


2. Hello Cheeky Boys



London. After four years of planing its finally happening. We have always dreamed of moving and getting out of this boring little town in the middle of no where. All the doubts that people had especially my father, he told us that we are never going to stay friends after high school. Guess we proved him wrong. We always stayed friends even when we had our fights, we would soon just laugh it off, and get over it and act as if nothing even happened. 


We had it all planed, where we would live, school, transportation, and well of course drinking and having fun. Moving to London when we were 18 allows us to drink and not get in trouble unlike if we stayed in the states we would have to wait to drink.... well at least to drink legally.


Leah and I always had thins unique relationship, we were the two girls who didn't give a shit what people said and if they had a problem with us, well then they could go fuck themselves. We did okay in school Leah got more of the brains but didn't show them, me well I barely got by with my grades, always did the very minimum just to pass.


We had very little time to pack and say goodbye to any friends we cared about. I wasn't even going home because most my stuff was a Leah's, I never went home because my drunken douche bag of a father, like he even deserves that title. Ever since my mom pasted away I never went home. It was like my prison cell, my own personal hell, it was so bad I would rather go to school than be home for even a few minutes. He probably doesn't even know I'm leaving, he wont even care he's most likely screwing one of the whores he payed to sleep with him seeing as that's the only way someone would like him.


As I'm packing the last thing I hear Leah yell,


"Hey Jade, were going to miss our flight if you don't get your pretty little arse up."


The rest went by in a blur and before I knew it we were at the airport about to take off. This is it time to say goodbye to the one place I always knew but dreaded to be a part of and hello to the place I only dreamed about where I can start anew, just me and my friend Leah, out on our own no more bullshit of parents or assholes who think they are better just because they can get every girl because they know how to find the ones who will screw  for money. And Hello to cheeky British boys.





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