Chance Encounters

Two girls, best friends, Leah and Jade, moved to London for school and decided to get tatted up. Never believed that one tiny shop would change there lives just because one little thing they like to call chance encounters.


1. Finally the day has come


I can't believe it I am finally going live in the country of my dreams and get this I am living there with my best friend! My mother always doubted that Jade and I would actually make to 18 as friends but I was determined to stay best friends. Jade and I have been friends since I was 11 and she was 10, we have been through our shares of ups and downs but in the end we stand together as friends. Anyway after four years of planning our dreams are coming true, we bought a small two bedroom flat in the heart of London and are going to be going to UNI together in the fall. Jade and I have a very similar personalities bubbly, funny, outgoing, and well lets just say we both have a very colorful vocabulary. Don't let me forget we both love the body ink;) 

"HEY! Jade we are going to miss our flight if you don't get your pretty little arse up" I yelled from the bottom of the stairs

"I can't believe that you are leaving and going out into the world alone let alone going to be going to a whole new country" My mother cried I rolled  my eyes at her lame ass attempt at trying to be sincere. You see my mother has never thought that Jade and I would stay friends after high school and we proved her wrong. I have never really been the type of person that has liked or obeyed my mother, She would always set a curfew and me being the little rebel that I am would break that curfew that she had set and well most of the time Jade and I came home drunk a lot on the weekends. 

"I am so glad to be out out this hell hole of a country" I said and I saw small tears welling up in her eyes. 

"I thought you loved it here?" 

"Yeah when I was out of this house I liked it because I got to get away from all my problems" Just as I said this Jade came running down the stairs with her small carryon since all the rest of our things were waiting for us at our new home. 

"Have fun and don't get into any trouble girls and remember be safe around those boys!" Jade laughed at her remark 

"Guess she doesn't know about the countless drunken one night stands" 

"Guess not and since when do I tell her about my life its not like shes been apart of it" I started up the rental car and drove to the airport. 

"Hey turn this  up I like this song" I said yelling at Jade to turn the radio up. You see I left out a small part of Jade and I's personality we may just be the smallest fans of One Direction.

"Already on it boo" Shortly after Kiss You ended we arrived at the airport. We boarded the plane to kick off our 12 hour flight to England. 

I fell asleep to Jade rambling on about how we should get a tattoo and how all the boys will be so hot and that we have to go clubbing when we get all settled. The only thing That I wanna do when I get there is go home to check it out, food shop and get fresh new tattoos to match the ones I already have. I want a small saying underneath my left breast that says 'The past is practice' 


6 HOURS LATER...................... 

"Hey shit head wake up we are here!" Oh Jade she had a way with words doesn't she? I don't really care though all that matters is that we are in the place we have dreamed about going since freshmen year in high school. Finally the day has come where I can leave the past behind me and start fresh. 

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